Chick-fil-A’s Peppermint chocolate Chip milkshake is a seasonal favourite that’s perfect for both peppermint lovers and chocolate aficionados alike! civilization all throughout the nation are making your holiday season a small sweeter by grabbing a Peppermint Milkshake… just not as lot in the southern it would certainly seem. Chick-fil-A has released a perform of the optimal ten U.S. Cities that can’t get sufficient of your seasonal shake.

Their website reads:

‘While the seasonal addition is a favorite among customers every over, us must provide a one-of-a-kind shout out to the 10 cities that completely embraced Peppermint chocolate Chip milkshake season last year, ordering much more than any kind of other component of the country.’


Top Peppermint milkshake Cities



1. Charlotte, phibìc Carolina1. Erie, Pennsylvania
2. Idaho Falls, Idaho2. Lansing, Michigan
3. Harrisonburg, Virginia3. Springfield, Massachusetts
4. Bangor, Maine4. Charlottesville, Virginia
5. Salt Lake City, Utah5. Harrisonburg, Virginia
6. Boise, Idaho6. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
7. Cheyenne, Wyoming7. Missoula, Montana
8. Charlottesville, Virginia8. Bangor, Maine
9. Charleston, southern Carolina9. Salt Lake City, Utah
10. Erie, Pennsylvania10.

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Idaho Falls, Idaho

What deserve to we conference from these lists? Well, because that starters, no a single Southern city do the list for the past two years! The various other thing you’ll notification is the Erie, Pennsylvania jumped indigenous tenth ar on the perform in 2016 every the means up come NUMBER ONE in 2017! walk the world of Erie, Pennsylvania begin a grassroots movement to show their love because that this seasonal shake? We’re no sure, however one thing we do know is that there’s tho hope because that a southerly city to break right into this year’s peak ten. The Peppermint chocolate Chip milk shake is roughly until January 5th, so you’ve still got time to present the world that the South additionally likes the delicious combination of Peppermint and also Chocolate!