Summer take trip season is here, which method it’s time come again consult elafilador.netO’s cook crew to conference the latest intel on the airplane dining scene. This guide, which is freshly updated as of July 2021, is plan to command you away from all the underwhelming and also overpriced fare that gives airport food a negative name, and to highlight the airport’s most preferable options. Travelers spring for options as varied as a fast breakfast, a liquid lunch, or a sit-down dinner are all covered by this guide, i m sorry is arranged by terminal and then by quick-service versus sit-down dining experiences.

The latest CDC guidance for vaccinated diners throughout the COVID-19 outbreak is here; dining out still carries risks for unvaccinated diners and workers. Please be conscious of tranelafilador.netorming local rules, and also check individual restaurant websites because that any extr restrictions such together mask requirements. Uncover a neighborhood vaccination site here.

elafilador.netO"s Standouts

Napa ranches Market: through its sizable pizza and rotisserie selection, this Tyler Florence-backed to-go spot has plenty that satielafilador.netying warm options, however the yes, really clutch relocate is to do yourself a mini-picnic through Acme bread, Cowgirl Creamery cheese, Tout Sweet pastries, and a neighborhood microbrew. It’s also a great place to pick up last-minute bay Area food presents for friends, consisting of Napa wines. Great news, international travelers: A Napa ranches is now open in the worldwide Terminal, too.

Koi Palace Express: The Daly City standard dim sum spot has increased to elafilador.netO, giving travelers a reason to arrive beforehand for flights. There"s dim sum, noodle soups, roasted chicken and duck, and more, all accessible in counter organization form.

* Giants Clubhouse fly elafilador.netO Giants Clubhouse: This ode to the san Francisco’s baseball team features a digital wall surface showing sports, news, movies, and interactive entertainment. The food selection is packed with ballpark specialties favor Crazy Crab sandwiches and also Gilroy Garlic Fries, making the a pleasant ar to happen the time and soak in part baseball culture.

Yankee Pier: This “updated brand-new England seafood house” claims that that seafood come — by airplane — double a day. Lobster, crab, and chowder all appear on the menu, as carry out breakfast items prefer Dungeness crab egg Benedict.

Bun Mee: influenced by Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, this neighborhood chain has actually two areas in the airport, both that which offer fresh bring away on the standard with fillings choose smokey eggplant, crispy tofu, and a “sloppy bun” through red curry floor beef, home garlic mayo, shaved onion, Thai basil, and also jalapeños. Over there are additionally fresh spring rolls and also noodles for healthy and balanced to-go options.

International Terminal

Boarding Area A (Gates A1-A12)

A fast Meal

Burger Joint: Niman Ranch burgers, hormone-free warm dogs, chicken sandwiches, and also sides.

Boarding Area G (Gates G91-G102)

A quick Meal

Potrero Grill: American soups, salads, pizza, sandwiches, and burgers, add to beer and wine.

Tapas & Taps: California beer, wine, and also cocktails plus small plates.

Tomokazu: Sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, noodles, and also robata.


Boarding Area B (Gates 20-36)

A fast Meal

Amy’s journey Thru: Amy’s is the place for vegan, veggie, and also gluten-free foods items made through organic ingredients.

Bun Mee: Expect new takes on Banh mi sandwiches, feather rolls, and noodles.

Illy Caffè: Coffee, paninis and also grab-and-go salads, and also baked goods.

Starbird: Sandwiches, wraps, and also — ideal of all — handmade sodas and also lemonades.

A Leisurely Meal

Bourbon Pub: The elafilador.netO ar of Michael Mina’s expansive chain offer pub fare like burgers and fish and also chips. There’s additionally a full bar.

Boarding Area C (Gates 40-48)

A quick Meal

Dogpatch Bakehouse & Café: Espresso, breakfast options, salads, sandwiches and pastries, add to beer and also wine.

Green bean Coffee: Coffee, espresso drinks, small goods, sandwiches, and also bagels.

A Leisurely Meal

Farmerbrown: Travelers who miss the shuttered mountain Francisco staple have the right to revisit the restaurants bowl here, including biscuits, scrambles, and seasonal veggie jambalaya. There’s also a full bar.


Boarding Area D (Gates 50-59)

A fast Meal

Andalé mexican Restaurant: Fresh, made-to-order mexico entrees.

Burger Joint: Niman Ranch burgers, hormone-free warm dogs, chicken sandwiches, and sides.

Napa farms Market: A gourmet deli and bakery selling desserts and also various prepared foods from only Area purveyors prefer Acme Bread and also Cowgirl Creamery, plus Tyler Florence"s rotisserie chicken, and also desserts and also sauces indigenous Yigit Pura"s Tout Sweet Patisserie.

Peet"s Coffee & Tea: The Berkeley-based chain’s spot serves its usual coffee and also tea, pastries, sandwiches, salads, and bottled beverages. Suppose to pay more than you execute at your community Peet"s.

The tree Café Organic and also Pinkberry: healthy organic fare indigenous the chain, with options like wraps and the cult-followed veggie burger. Paired with a branch the fro-yo giant Pinkberry.

Wakaba: Japanese noodles, sushi, teriyaki, and also bento boxes. Beer and sake also available.

A Leisurely Meal

Lark Creek Grill: A full-service restaurant from the Lark Creek empire, with seafood, steak, and also breakfast items. Full bar and also beer and also wine ~ above tap.

Vino Volo: A kind wine bar with bites like olives and artisanal cheese, also as tiny plates like braised pork tacos. Likewise the place to satielafilador.nety a flourless cacao cake craving.


Boarding Area E (Gates 60-67)

A rapid Meal

Dogpatch Bakehouse & Caffé: Espresso, breakfast options, salads, sandwiches and also pastries, add to beer and also wine.

Klein"s Deli: formerly located in Potrero Hill, Klein"s sells coffee, cookies, made-to-order salads and sandwiches come take v you. Likewise serves beer and also wine.

Urban Tortilla: Made-to-order mexico food.

A Leisurely Meal

Mission Bar & Grill: gain your layover with full bar and table service. Stimulate steaks, sandwiches, burgers, soups and also salads. Additionally serves breakfast.

Boarding Area F (Gates 68-90)

A quick Meal

Amoura Cafe: Mediterranean cuisine v breakfast, sandwiches, salads and also flat bread pizza.

Farley’s community Cafe: Grab-and-go sandwiches, salads, and also snacks.

Klein"s Deli and also Coffee Bar: formerly located in Potrero Hill, Klein"s selling coffee, cookies, made-to-order salads, and to-go sandwiches. Beer and also wine too.

Koi Palace: The Daly City classic dim amount spot with little Chinese plates, noodle soups, roasted chicken and also duck, and more.

Ladle & Leaf: An outpost of the chain offer soups, salads, and also sandwiches, v a kids’ menu.

Peet"s Coffee & Tea: Berkeley-based chain through coffee and tea, pastries, sandwiches, salads, and bottled beverages. Mean to pay much more than you carry out at your neighborhood Peet"s.

Pie five Pizza Co.: Traditional tradition pizza that will allegedly it is in custom-made in 5 minutes or less.

Sankaku: fast sushi, noodles, teriyaki and bento boxes, add to beer and also sake.

Starbucks: whereby "venti" is one English word.

A Leisurely Meal

Gordon Biersch: American pub grub, consisting of its eternally popular garlic fries. There’s a full bar and also table service. Giants Clubhouse: watch sports, news, movies, and also interactive to chat while enjoying a food selection of ballpark specialties favor Crazy Crab sandwiches and also Gilroy Garlic Fries. Uncork"d: contemporary wine bar through craft beers and tiny plates.

Yankee Pier: fresh seafood, seashells chowder, lobster, and crabs, including breakfast items favor Dungeness crab eggs Benedict. Seafood is flown in twice daily, and the restaurant is committed to sustainable practices. Complete bar and also table service.

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Rental auto Center

A fast Meal

Marina"s Cafe: Coffee, pastries, breakfast items, sandwiches and salads.