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There"s a brand-new brand of southern-style chicken in town and also you won"t discover it in a drive-thru.

Big-box store Sam"s Club began selling southern-style chicken bites in their frozen section in respectable 2018, and also the image on the packaging looked so lot like Chick-fil-A"s chicken nuggets that my kids begged mine husband and also I come buy lock on our weekend to buy trip. The verdict from mine 11- and 9-year-old youngsters was that they tasted specifically like Chick-fil-A"s, specifically when dipped in the chicken dipping sauce that"s now being offered at Walmart.

Sam's club recommends food preparation its chicken sandwiches in the microwave, and using an waiting fryer because that waffle fries and chicken bites.Courtesy Terri Peters

And other households must have actually agreed: In respectable 2019, Sam"s society rolled the end two brand-new southern layout items — a chicken sandwich and also waffle fries that, again, are dead ringers for their Chick-fil-A counterparts.

My children are big fans that Chick-fil-A and chicken nuggets, so ns asked them to try out the whole line the southern-style items easily accessible at Sam"s Club and also give their honest opinions. Due to the fact that nothing comes in tiny packaging at the warehouse store, us picked up 2 4-pound bags that waffle fries, a three-pound bag of chicken bites and a bag of 10 chicken sandwiches, then invited some friends over for a southern-style feast.


The chicken sandwiches room packaged in separation, personal, instance bags and also are ideal cooked in the microwave, following the food preparation instructions on the wrapper. (We uncovered they necessary a bit of extra food preparation time to avoid a chilled center.)

The verdict? as soon as heated through, the sandwiches taste quite darn close to the ones easily accessible at Chick-fil-A. Kids and adults alike noted that the buttery bun of a Chick-fil-A sandwich was lacking and the chicken wasn"t together "greasy" as the real thing. Additionally worth note is the need to include your own pickles — the packaging even warns "pickles not included."

Both the waffle fries and chicken bites are finest cooked in an wait fryer, according to the packaging, yet can also be heated in a typical oven. We provided an wait fryer and found both items to it is in super close to the originals, again only doing not have that greasy, fast-food texture you get when dining in ~ Chick-fil-A (which, if you"re in search of a healthier variation of a fast-food favorite, may not it is in a bad thing).

A spokesperson because that Sam"s society told elafilador.net Food the impetus behind the products, every one of which are sold under Sam"s Club"s Member"s mark private label, came from complying with food patterns closely.

"We know many of our members enjoy southern-style foods however are also busy family members so we want to market solutions that taste great, carry out value and also are quick and also easy to serve up for your families," said the spokesperson.

As a liven mom-of-two, I"d speak these products fit the bill perfectly: whatever was an easy to prepare, tasted great and cost in between $15 and $5. (The price for a serving of the waffle fries and also one chicken sandwich is much less than $2.)

Sam's Club started selling Southern layout chicken bites in august 2018. A year later, chicken sandwiches and waffle fries joined the lineup.Courtesy Terri Peters

And, if Sam"s club members desire to try a couple of items prior to they buy, the chicken bites are available for purchase in society food courts. This convenience is likewise a an excellent thing due to the fact that the southern-style assets in the freezer ar tend to market out quickly.

“Our members have responded come these brand-new items even much better than us expected and also they’re flying turn off the shelves," claimed Chase Ketron, a senior seller at Sam’s Club. "We’re working conveniently to keep clubs in stock so our members can obtain their hands on these tasty items.”

So, just exactly how tasty space they?

Kids space brutally honest, and also when i asked lock if the assets were as great as Chick-fil-A"s, I got a reply that the adults thought summed the commodities up perfectly.

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"They"re really good, yet I"d rather have actually the real thing," stated my son"s 11-year-old friend. "But if it was Sunday and also I couldn"t go to Chick-fil-A, I would certainly be yes, really happy through these."

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