Move over, Chick-fil-A signature sauce and chicken sandwich. A new Chick-fil-A TikTok secret menu drink hack could come to be the must-have beverage for the summer. When the frosted lemonade deserve to be refresh on a hot day, and the frosted coffee might be tastier than what originates from some coffee shops, the frosted goodness may not be minimal to just those 2 beverages. Have the right to guests really get any kind of Chick-fil-A beverage frosted?

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brooke_lynn7), any beverage in ~ Chick-fil-A have the right to be transformed right into a frosted beverage. From a frosted Dr. Pepper to a frosted Powerade, it seems that the Chick-fil-A IceDream can be mixed into any type of beverage on the menu. To say the this mystery menu has fans excited is one understatement.

Some civilization were skeptical, however others evidenced the frosted food selection hack. Yahoo! Sport relates the one user reacted, "Yes ns love! I provided to occupational there and got frosted sweet tea."

Although Anderson took pleasure in this frosted beverage, no everyone has actually been able come indulge in the refreshment. Various other TikTok comments discussed that they were denied the sweet sip. But, if you can"t gain a frosted beverage in ~ your neighborhood restaurant, the source beer to rise is an additional option on the Chick-fil-A secret menu (per Wide open up Eats). It could not be exactly the same, but that beverage hack is tasty, too. Or, you could order a beverage and also the IceDream come make her own new frosted beverage creation.

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While the standard Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich will never go the end of style, menu hacks can keep any kind of food regime from gift bland. Simply as seasonal or restricted edition menu items can attract guests to do a one-of-a-kind visit, a food selection hack is foodie fantasy involved fruition. From that frosted beverage to just knowing that you deserve to buy a bag of ice from the restaurant (per Yahoo News), who doesn"t desire to present their insider knowledge with off-script food selection options?

Although Chick-fil-A officially states that it has actually no mystery menu, ChickenWire reports that it does have actually recommendations that guests can develop on their own. From IceDream cookie sandwiches to tips to including cheese to a sandwich, the choices are many. Truthfully, many secret menu hacks are just customizing a specific menu item. That order doesn"t call for a mystery password or handshake. It is just obtaining food the you want prepared the method that you want it. Is that idea yes, really a secret or a hack? maybe that ide is really the ideal kept secret.