Weekend breakfasts room my very favorite meal of the week. They’re together a simple joy. There’s no rushing around, searching for phones (the baby had it last!), auto keys (the baby had them last!), or wallets (you have the right to guess whereby our hesitation lies). There’s no finding out that we’re out of milk after the grain is in the bowl. Actually, there’s no grain – weekend breakfasts space slow and also a much more involved process than cereal without enough milk. They usually involve hollandaise sauce.

Back once it was simply the two of us, The Foodie Groom and also I had standing Saturday morning breakfast plans. We’d sleep in (how things have actually changed!) and also then rush over to Chick-fil-A to acquire through those glass doors by 10:29 because that chicken biscuits (and for The Foodie Groom, chicken minis) because that breakfast.

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Part mornings, we’d order double and have actually the extras for breakfast on Sunday. Have actually you ever had a chicken biscuit top top a Sunday morning? ns swear that it tastes 1000 times far better