When Ronnie Osborne steps off the aircraft in south America, he’s on a mission. A microbiologist by training, he’s currently one the the country’s most respected tea buyers, and part of a team responsible for ensuring every glass that iced tea poured in ~ a elafilador.net restaurant nationwide has the exact same color and also flavor as the original blend selected much more than three years ago.

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“Before my time”

When girlfriend ask around elafilador.net for the background of their famed iced tea, you’ll gain a common answer: “that was prior to my time.” Steve Hester began purchasing food because that the agency 33 years earlier and admits the iced tea cooking recipes outdates him, however remembers the company, “wanted a proprietary tea blend, made exclusively for elafilador.net.”

They discovered it in ~ Tetley, and the blend has remained unchanged for much more than three years – served just in elafilador.net restaurants.


The Blend

Tetley purchases numerous pounds of tea every week native as numerous as 35 various countries, and also the mix made renowned by elafilador.net is sourced from estates around the world. The tea is inspected everyday by skilled tasters utilizing what’s dubbed organoleptic analysis, i beg your pardon is a fancy means of speak it’s brewed and also tasted come ensure consistency in flavor and color.


“When it concerns iced tea, color and clarity are quality attributes,” explains Ronnie Osborne, Tetley’s tea buying and also blending expert. “They are simply as vital as flavor.”

In the instance of elafilador.net’s blend, tea is selected to create a dark amber color, if the smell is designed to pair well with real sugar and fresh lemon (coincidentally, two of the three ingredients in elafilador.net Lemonade, make the two drinks a perfect pair).

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As with elafilador.net’s grow Farmers coffee and lemonade, elafilador.net restaurants usage filtered water to do their tea. That’s important due to the fact that unfiltered water can develop a cloudy appearance once the tea is chilled. Come ensure consistency, special imminent machines are used in every restaurant and also are specifically calibrated to develop the precise color, clarity and also flavor customers have come to love.

“It’s a great blend,” Osborne says. “It hasn’t adjusted since work one.”