The first-ever fried chicken sandwich indigenous Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen was so renowned when that hit restaurants Aug. 12 that hungry civilization waited hours in line to gain one. Fifteen days later, Popeyes marketed out.

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The Popeyes drought finished last month once the world’s most renowned chicken sandwich returned. And that significant the begin of the chicken sandwich challenge.

People all over began pitting the Popeyes sandwich against the so-called initial from its competitor, Chick-fil-A. You will do it buy a sandwich native each and do a remote taste-test to view which one to be the best. Numerous posted their obstacles on YouTube.

Both of this sandwiches space fried breaded chicken breasts. Both have actually two pickle slices. Both room on buttery, toasty buns. They’re similar in price: Popeyes is $3.99; Chick-fil-A is $4.29. For this reason how can one it is in so much better than the other?

We enlisted the assist of part real-life chefs at University’s room of Nutrition and Food research studies to find out which chain restaurant made the finest fried chicken sandwich. Our panel contained two chefs who currently teach future chefs and three of their students. Jacob Pucci,’s food writer, and also I also joined the judges.

We brought 10 sandwiches native Popeyes and also 10 from Chick-fil-A come the test kitchens at SU’s Falk College. Each judge gained one of every on a numbered plate. We sampled them and also offered opinions prior to rendering a verdict.

Chef mar Kiernan, Associate to teach Professor: The chicken in No. 1 (Popeyes) simply tastes better. I also like the brioche bun. It provides it seem more special.

Chef chris Uyehara, cooking Specialist: No. 1 (Popeyes) tastes like something I’d do at home. It’s obtained a better flavor every around.

Kelsie Wilson, an elderly majoring in nutrition: I liked No. 1 (Popeyes) since it is an ext filling. You’re walking to obtain your money’s worth out of this sandwich. The breading offers it a great crunch.

Cara Santino, graduate college student in food studies: The quality of the chicken is much much better in No. 1 (Popeyes). It’s very obvious. It’s bigger, tastier, and also I prefer the touch of mayo.

Chanel Gaude, graduate college student in food studies: No. 1 (Popeyes) tastes much more like actual chicken than No. 2. That one tasted more processed.

Jacob Pucci, food writer: The Chick-fil-A is a basic, classic chicken sandwich v pickles and also bun. Very basic. The Popeyes chicken is much thicker, through a craggly breaded crust the really sets the apart. Chick-Fil-A could win the sauce game—you can’t top the standard Chick-Fil-A sauce—but once it pertains to chicken, Popeyes wins.

Charlie Miller, journalist: No. 2 (Chick-fil-A) looks pitiful. I think they took a mallet come the breast and pounded it till it was paper thin. The other one is huge. It has girth. It likewise has much an ext flavor. I’m puzzled at exactly how this so-called an obstacle became a ‘thing.’ These 2 are human beings apart. Popeyes is clearly better, and it’s pretty cheap.

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