This Chicken Margherita has simple lemon, garlic and also basil pesto topped with ripe cherry tomatoes turns an median chicken breast into a exciting summer dinner.

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Fresh native the garden Chicken Margherita. Kinda favor the Margherita pizza, same fresh and straightforward ingredients, just on height of a chicken breast rather of a pizza.


Trying come think of ways to use my cherry tomatoes and fresh basil from the garden, I assumed I come up v an initial recipe, Chicken Margherita, involved find out it’s to be on the food selection at Olive Garden for some time now.

Well us haven’t to be to Olive Garden in a while, we’ve to be trying to eat in ~ home an ext often. And when us do regulate to go out to eat, rather than keep supporting vast restaurant chains, we’ve been enjoying an ext local mom and pop restaurants.

We visited a great one last week. We occurred to be out of ours area, around an hour away from St. Luigi in Union, MO, and also decided come visit a cute small place referred to as Junie Moon Cafe. A actual pleasure; good food, great service and great prices through a under home nation feel. Appears to me you acquire so much an ext of a personal experience in these tiny places, prefer they in reality care about serving you an ext than just food and they definitely aren’t going come let you walk away hungry.

Now hopefully you’ve got somewhere for a basil plant. Since for the price friend pay because that a couple of little basil leaves, you have the right to buy a whole plant. If you didn’t know they can get really big, the pic of the one at the bottom the the page is in mine backyard garden, it’s only been there possibly 5 weeks and when i bought it, that was around 3-4 customs tall.

Now, this is June 11th, and it’s fine over 1 1/2 feet and it’s no done growing! As long as we shot to keep it from setting seed, that will store going till frost sets.

Same point for cherry or grape tomatoes. One tree will offer you a most tomatoes every season long. News flash: friend don’t require a eco-friendly thumb. Simply a tiny little of good dirt and also water, lock like an excellent drainage, but they likewise like numerous water. You will certainly be rewarded and also you don’t also have to talk to them, uneven you want to that course.

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For today, we have a fresh from the garden Chicken Margherita. Kinda prefer the Margherita pizza, exact same fresh and basic ingredients, just on optimal of a chicken breast instead of a pizza.

An straightforward lemon, garlic and basil pesto topped with ripe cherry tomatoes transforms an typical chicken breast right into a exciting summer dinner. You can use keep bought pesto if you want. We likewise have an amazing Pesto Caprese Pasta Salad, if her looking for an ext ways to usage a healthy pesto. I just love it!



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