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VIDEO: Mexico lifts Shrimp Ban; Lobster Closure Injunction; Surimi Update; Jones act Pollock upgrade

Alaska’s BOF put Kenai flow Chinook and South Alaska Pen Sockeye suggest on march Agenda

Over $22B precious of Cargo is grounding on Container Ships off California

Governing parties Agree to continue to be of litigation on Columbia river for following 9 months

Inflation approaches A Tipping allude At the Grocery keep

Maine Delegation, branch Push commerce Secretary to Shut Down appropriate Whale Rule changes

Fishermen question Kodiak"s support for Shipyard

Smilin" Bobs Recalls acting Fish Dip as result of Undeclared Egg and Mispackaging

Symphony of Seafood Competition attracts 18 brand-new Products

100 Stranded Ships, 10-Week Delays and also 8 Million Unmade Cars: A Look at America’s supply Chain Woes

Provincial federal government Backs N.S. Seafood providers in Redfish heat

Maine atmosphere Groups Sue to defend Last Atlantic Salmon

Results that UK Probe into French Trawler Tragedy early out in weeks

Some comes to About brand-new Zealand Fishing Camera policy

Norway Reveals to plan for river Trap system to protect Wild Salmon

Shellfish Farming expands in Vineyard Haven

Ocean Cleanup Makes first Dent in Eradicating great Pacific garbage Patch

Fabbro to lead Omega plus Salmon pet Treats in north America

This main in Retail: Buying avenues Increase for Pork

elafilador.net an introduction Friday, October 22

Thu. Oct 21 2021

Fishing uncovered to be many Dangerous Occupation, per study

The Winding Glass: lining Bundrant and the finish of an Era in Alaska

Government Asks judge to Reconsider Injunction in Jones act Pollock case

Fishermen ask BOF to resolve Bristol Bay, Chignik, chef Inlet Salmon problems at job-related Session

RAS Farmer NaturalShrimp Signs resolve Distributor Gulf Seafood for 25,000 Pounds that Shrimp

Shortened Season, it is provided Chain prices Jump rock Crab prices as need Remains as solid as ever

Japan Fisheries association to hold In-Person Japan international Seafood present on November 8-10

Seafood Sales continue to Soar at united state Retail

Fight Over arising Redfish Fishery Amps Up together Offshore sector Bites ago

California list Leatherback Turtles, opening Door for new Management, capital

Federal Court hear on discovery Island Fish farm Phase-out Underway

Japanese Seafood Makers, episode Restaurants working for Food Waste reduced

Injured Crewman native F/V Patricia Lee Airlifted by USCG 200 mile SW of dutch Harbor

France Readies Sanctions for UK in Fishing row

Coast Guard had actually Earlier notice About California Oil pour out

Chefs advice Congress to finish IUU Fishing, Fraud and Human Rights issues in Seafood market

Australia Indigenous social Fishers speak to for immediate Suspension the Fishing Prosecutions

New project to an ext Accurately version Salmon Farms’ Environmental impact

Aussie rock Lobsters a Hong Kong protection Threat: custom-mades Chief

California, Hoopa valley Tribe shot to save Salmon and also a method of Life

Young’s broadens Chilled Fish variety with Red Thai Salmon Fillets

Ottawa issues Warnings, Fines to boat Owners Violating Orca rule

elafilador.net an introduction Thursday, October 21

Wed. Oct 20 2021

Mexico Receives eco-friendly Light to Export Wild Shrimp into United claims

Chinese Seafood market is expanding

Oregon through Dungeness Crab administration Plan, first FMP ~ above the West shore

Halibut, Sablefish Quota re-publishing Updates

Credit Suisse Agrees to salary $475 million in Fines over the ‘Tuna Bond’ to work in Mozambique

Ivar"s Soup and also Sauce Co. Recalls clam Chowder as result of Potential existence of Plastic

Salmones Austral Unveils secret Island Brand, providing Chilean Salmon Doorstep shipment

COVID-19 Positivity price Highest ever before As Epidemic Trajectory declines in Alaska

Chilean Salmon Exports recoup to Pre-Pandemic levels in Q3, us Recovery solid

USDA Awards $10 Million to address Challenges because that Land-based Salmon manufacturing

September Sales of new Tuna Imports in ~ Toyosu Market fell 60% to 570 Fish

Instacart Expects more Growth in Grocery shipment

RODA documents 60-Day notification Intending to Sue Federal government Over Vineyard Wind task

5 Takeaways from wbur"s Offshore Wind collection

Young’s intimidates to stop Sourcing Fish native Northeast Atlantic

First Philippines Fishery come Recieve MSC Certification

N.S. Widening Aquaculture evaluation Board member to stop Logjam

Wild Planet foods items Takes Home an excellent Housekeeping Sustainable innovation Award

France Bracing for feasible Sanctions against Britain in Fishing heat - Gov"t Spokesman

Record prices at Grimsby Fish sector as cost of Fish and also Chips set to increase "At the very least 10 Percent"

New zealand Snapper Fillets might Be Cheaper If limits Were Increased: operators

Singapore"s ITE Students aid Seafood Supplier boost Sustainability, conserve Thousands the Dollars

elafilador.net review Wednesday, October 20

Tue. Oct 19 2021

Japan’s respectable Surimi Imports, production Output, consumer Surimi spending

Kishida authorize Fuskushima Wastewater Release setup For 2023, Korea and also China strongly Disagree

China"s White Shrimp prices Dip together Shopping Season comes to an finish

Optimism Fuels interest in AK Salmon permits

North America"s best Container Port faces Record Backlog

Albertsons Sees more Inflation

Maine Lobster industry Praises Judge for Blocking Fishing half Aimed at Protecting right Whales

Russia’s Primorye Fisherman expect for effective Catch and Exports This Year

Developers look for to hold-up New York Wind task

Pacific Council hires Merrick load as brand-new Executive director

Private same Firm Announces new Seafood communication After Trio of repurchase

Red Lobster’s Ultimate unlimited Shrimp Promo easily accessible All week

OPINION: Maine Lobster Rules must be based on Real-world Data

ENGOs paper Suit over Hatchery Salmon draft to aid Southern resides Orcas

Blue Star foods Moves Forward with B.C. Land-based Steelhead farm yard

"Safety Culture" amongst Fishermen Sees fewer Accidents, reduced Insurance

Kingfish company Lands Retail partner in Italy

Why Did thousands of Chinook Salmon die This Month in the Nooksack River"s south Fork?

France sets Two-Week Deadline for Britain and also Jersey to approve Fishermen an ext Licences

UMaine Hosts first “Successful study Partnerships in the Lobster Industry” Webinar

University of Canterbury: design a more Sustainable Future for Commercial Fishing

Fresh very nice one to support Ailing Fishing market in Ayrshire

elafilador.net an introduction Tuesday, October 19

Mon. Oct 18 2021

Alaska Seafood industry Leader lining Bundrant, dies at 79

Maine Lobstering Union lands Injunction come Halt appropriate Whale Lobster Fishing Area Closure

ANALYSIS: Assessing the eye Crab Market complying with Alaska Quota palliation

China: Tilapia Farm door Prices greatly Rise as sleeve Prices dive

Alaska Crab Quota Drops, Season Cancellations Could cost $100M

Norwegian and Russian anglers Get 20% cut in Barents Cod quotas

OC Oil Spill forces Fisheries come Wait at least 2-4 Weeks before Restrictions lift

Would you Quit Your task for $110,000? This California Swordfish Catcher stated No

Bristol bay Sockeye Weights under by One Pound, similar Losses for other Salmon

As turbines Rise, Small-scale fishermen Have the many to shed

CEO of firm Behind Controversial MDI-based Salmon farm Proposal to action Aside

Prices Come in High as rock Crab Season start

Two Miami men Arrested on charges of trap Robbing

Faux Fish: vegan Alternatives collection to take it UK market by Storm

Vietnamese Shrimp stays Competitive in Germany because of Price advantage

elafilador.net an introduction Monday, October 18

Cumulative an international Fishmeal manufacturing Climbs 6.5%, Fish Oil watch 12% rise

Dredge job on NJ"s Nantuxent brings Relief because that Oyster watercrafts

Singapore-grown Crawfish all set for the Spotlight

Three Rescued native Sinking Boat; no one Hurt, shore Guard says

The Redfish Fishery is Returning. Therefore is Angst around Quotas

Fri. Oct 15 2021

elafilador.net an overview Friday, October 15

New BSAI Pacific ko Trawl routine Using market Co-ops approved by phibìc Pacific council

Trawler Bycatch dispute Heats up After Alaska documents Dismal 2021 Chinook Salmon returns

Maine Lobstermen’s Association records Amicus short Opposing Seasonal Lobster Fishing Closure

California reflects Overwhelming support for change in Dungeness Crab/Domoic acid Rules

ANALYSIS: Intra-European Shrimp Trade remains Firm Amid global Trade uncertainties

August Salmon Sales in ~ the Tokyo central Wholesale Markets: Chilean Coho sector Firm

Fishing Updates, October 2021 – Dungies now AK’s largest Crab Fishery

PODCAST: Jones Act situation Injunction; eye Crab Quota; Subway Tuna lawsuit and an ext

Lobsters Get new Welcoming Habitat in Bras d"Or Lake thanks to Reef Balls

New Crab plant Bound because that Placentia only in Newfoundland?

Minister Touts deals with N.S. Indigenous communities as authorize Ottawa"s plan Working

New Zealand: $4,300 in Fines because that Black industry Seafood Harvest

"The Future is Now": Wind turbine Firm seeks Collaborations with new Bedford companies

USDA to Fund brand-new Cell-Based Protein research Centre.

Fishing Industry worries Biden Offshore Wind effort Will expense Jobs

Hong Kong Seizes Smuggled Australian Lobsters amid China ban

Heiltsuk Leader says neighborhood Still wait for ecological Justice 5 years After Oil pour out

Two new Bedford Fishermen passed away at Sea. Currently Their families Hope to Prevent one more Tragedy

Search continues for 54-year-old missing Fisherman turn off Yarmouth

New Lobster equipment Rules to protect Endangered best Whales absent in ~ above Monday

South Australia Seafood sector Up in Arms as Eyre Peninsula Desal plant Site liked

This main in Retail: Spread between Food at home vs away from house Narrows

REPORTER: Here"s What"s Happening with Urner Barry"s COMTELL

Thu. Oct 14 2021

elafilador.net an introduction Thursday, October 14

Report Highlights how Bristol bay Locals space Losing access to advertising Fisheries

August Fish Roe Sales at the Tokyo central Wholesale Markets significant 7300 yen/kg for Ikura

BOEM, DOE announce Timelines of recurring Offshore Wind Leases; capital for researches

AquaBounty Debuts ESG Analysis, Implementation and also Reporting

“Fish & Men” Documentary Takes comprehensive Look at Fishing market

Baby Halibut Bycatch damages Users countless Miles Away; Council conflicts

ANALYSIS: Supply worries in the Squid industry

4 Mi"kmaw Bands Launch middle Livelihood Fisheries with DFO Approval

Clem Tillion, former State Legislator Who affected Alaska’s Oil Boom and also Fisheries, dies at 96

Yumbah Aquaculture Secures Aquaculture Stewardship council Certification

Canada seeks to Claw earlier $25M in COVID Relief from countless Fishers

Scotland naval Litter Project collection to increase After Funding an increase

Ministers Accused that ‘Complete Failure’ to safeguard Irish Fishing market

UK Fisherman Shaken up After Alleged "Gangsterish" Vandalism "Sabotages" tools

Experts: Louisiana Sediment Diversion Project might Harm Mississippi Sound

Scottish Scientists begin Novel Experiment that can Turn Fish organs Into environment-friendly Nylon for clothing

Canadian examine Raises new Questions about why southerly Resident Killer Whales room in decrease

Genetically modification P.E.I. Salmon collection for Sale; still Unclear once Fish will certainly be obtainable in shop

Acosta Report: majority of Consumers choosing Seafood once Dining the end

Biden to point out Progress Unsnarling it is provided Chain in Meeting v Labor, sector

Wed. Oct 13 2021

elafilador.net an overview Wednesday, October 13

GAPP Announces yearly Meeting and October campaign in Chicago

Regal Springs Tilapia Becomes first Producer to usage BAP-Integrated Traceability systems

Cargill continues Land-based Aquaculture Investments, Enters feeding Partnership with Salmon evolution

EU Announces cuts in Baltic records of Herring, cod

Japan"s august Airfreighted Salmon Imports advice in Norwegian Fillets, under from phibìc America

Comments want on Alaska Halibut Bycatch, management Proposals

Cermaq CEO to step Down; brand-new CEO to take Helm in in march 2022

Snapper boundaries a "Missed Opportunity" to gain Kiwis Cheaper Fillet of favorite Fish, Fishermen claim

"Tofish and Chips" Brand new Vegan Fish and also Chip Shop open in UK

South Africa"s Oceana Accused the Sabotaging equine Mackerel Harvest

RFC and also COFCO sign an covenant to build Sales the Pollock Fillet and Surimi in China

Florida rock Crab Season opens Friday: here’s What to know

UK Submarine "Not Involved" in 2004 French Trawler Tragedy

Pogies are ago in Maine, and Lobstermen say They"re an ext Valuable Than ever as Bait

Conservation Efforts attributed for greatest N.B. Wild Salmon number in end 30 year

OPINION: China is cultivating a Boatload of Misinformation about Maine Lobster

P.E.I. Lobster watercraft Captain Clarence White"s Sentencing in deadly 2018 Boating Collision collection for 2022

U.S. Quick Casual Restaurant visits Rebound after Steep declines in 2020

REPORTER: tree Protein Manufacturers effort to gain the next Generation to run Aboard

See more: Confessions Of A Fed Up Flight Attendant, Confessions Of A Fed

Tue. Oct 12 2021

Alaska’s Covid instance Rate is walk Nowhere yet Up

elafilador.net summary Tuesday, October 12

Thai Union in ~ the top of Seafood Stewardship Index for UN Sustainable development Goals occupational

Genetic evaluation Shows Wild, Hatchery Coho distinctions in Mate selections

Russia plans to procedure 80% of residential Fish record by 2030

Crab Closures, Cutbacks in Bering Sea

FDA, CDC speak Seafood is Behind 14-State Salmonella Outbreak

Coast security Medevac Fisherman indigenous Fishing Vessel turn off Texas

Japan: august Salmon import Prices up 40% because that US and Russian Sockeyes

Although China shuts Door on some White Shrimp Imports, need Remains strong

Bristol Seafood Acquires added Facility

Pauquachin first Nation Asks north Saanich for help to restore Shellfish Harvest in Coles only

Kodiak"s Sun"aq Tribe applies for Crayfish provide

Hotspot of s Biodiversity found Off shore of Makkovik, thanks to Fisherman

Will the Abalone Fishery go back to California"s san Miguel Island?

"We Take care of each Other": Volunteers offer Meals come Lafitte"s Hard-hit anglers

Government Taskforce recommends €423m for ireland Fishing market to assist Tackle Brexit accident

Seafarms Group"s task Sea Dragon expense Revised

New Fisheries research study Ship Will assist Monitor State the P.E.I. Stocks

EU Member claims to worry Joint Warning to UK Over reduced Fishing legal rights

Years the Flooding and also Catastrophic Storms have Louisiana"s Seafood market on the Brink

Chinese Krill-Seekers reason Concern

DFO rules Forcing Fishing industry Into stormy Boats: Newfoundland Naval design Expert

The Russian Fishery firm Increases the output of Deep Processing commodities in Q3 2021

OPINION: A win Over the Jones Act; Fish carriers Win Injunction against Arbitrary Enforcement