Georgia is among the four states influenced by a recall of Chicken the the Sea tuna.

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Tri-Union Seafoods is voluntarily pulling the commodities that to be shipped come Publix shop in at an early stage December.

Officials speak there might be steel inside some 12-ounce chunk light tuna in water cans. The difficulty was caused through a faulty item of equipment.

Some of these can be ~ were sent out to Publix stores in subway Atlanta, consisting of ones in Cherokee, DeKalb, Fulton, Gwinnett and also Hall counties.

The cans have actually a best-by day of Nov. 5, 2017.

Customers deserve to take the tuna back to the place of purchase for a refund.

The recalled cans were also sent come Florida, north Carolina and South Carolina.

No connected incidents have been reported.


six states, consisting of Georgia, are influenced by a Publix recall.

The grocery large is pulling that is ready-to-cook beef and chicken fajitas as well as its pork chorizo burgers for safety-related reasons.


Officials say this items could have peanuts, which were not noted with the ingredients.



That deserve to pose a feasible health threat for those with related allergies.

The recalled items have actually sell-by days through Jan. 14.


You might want to take a close watch inside her refrigerator before your next holiday party.

Georgia-based level Creek Farm and Dairy is recalling several of its cheese because that health-related reasons.

According come the Food and Drug Administration, the cheese in question might be contaminated v salmonella.

The recalled cheeses room "Low nation Gouda" and "Aztec Cheddar."

The Swainsboro company say no connected illnesses have been reported.

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return turkey is on the mental of many Americans this week, there’s a nationwide beef recall underway.

Ranchers tradition Meat has actually recalled 1,200 pounds the its soil beef assets for health-related concerns. 

Officials with the Minnesota-based company say the meat in question could be contaminated with E. Coli. 

The commodities were created on November 19th and include Ranchers legacy Ground Beef Patties and OTF production Chuck/Brisket R-D Patties.