OXFORD, Miss. — This 24 hour Chevron gas station, located on the edge of south Lamar and University Avenue, has everyone’s favorite late night snack that has evolved into a town tradition. This gas station serves a variety of fried food however they are most known for their famous Chicken ~ above a Stick.

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The Chevron gas terminal serves all kinds of fried late night food all night including chicken on a stick, pizza sticks, crispitos, potato logs, corn dogs, French fries and also more. This Chevron has actually been serving chicken top top a stick for over 30 years. Most civilization even describe the gas terminal as “Chicken top top a Stick.” A lengthy line can always be uncovered past 11 p.m. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Ali Horton, Ole miss senior, is a constant at chicken on a stick. Horton stops by the Chevron gas station nearly every time she go out yet she doesn’t always buy something. She has actually become an excellent friends through Mr. Woody, a night transition worker at the gas station, since of her love because that chicken on a stick.

“My walk to bespeak is a chicken on a stick through ranch dressing however the key reason i go come the Chevron is to view Mr. Woody,” claimed Horton. “He has the most upbeat and happy personality and also I love obtaining to capture up with him. We also have ours own secret call whenever ns come by and visit.”

Ray Rupani has been the owner that this Chevron and also for over 7 years. That is originally from Pakistan but arrived in the U.S. In 1994. He has actually lived in Collierville, Tennessee because that the previous 15 come 18 years and also he commutes come Oxford each week because that work. He stays with his wife and also three kids. That heard about the possibility to take over the chevron from his Oxford native friend about eight year ago.

“When I first heard around the opportunity, ns didn’t hesitation to take it it,” claimed Rupani. “I love this town, the people, the society and i knew this would certainly be a an excellent business opportunity.”

He additionally caters his fried food favorites because that fraternity and sorority events, game days, weddings and graduation parties. Throughout game days people are constantly stopping in the Chevron to obtain their chicken ~ above a rod experience. Critical year ESPN hosts Joe Tessitore and Todd Blackledge carried chicken top top a stick into the booth while providing their fifty percent time thoughts throughout the Ole miss out on vs. LSU game. This is one more example of how chicken ~ above a stick is one Ole miss out on tradition.

“Last year a client purchased 500 chicken on a sticks, 800 pizza sticks and 1,000 crispitos for your tailgate before a football game,” said Rupani. “Our cooks were cooking constantly for eight come nine hrs a work to obtain the bespeak ready.”

Rupani has end up being known to numerous Oxford residents throughout his time here, while producing several positive relationships through other institutions in Oxford. The Oxford Police room lends a helping hand on liven nights at the Chevron by avoiding by stopping by to make certain things space running smoothly. They likewise may even purchase part chicken.

“Customers are nice and also friendly and also I love the atmosphere,” said Rupani. “I just need to make certain I don’t operation out the chicken to keep the client happy.”

Some weekends space busier 보다 others depending on what is keep going in Oxford the weekend. Because that busier but on the weekend Rupani normally orders 25 situations of chicken alone i m sorry has about 40 lbs that chicken in each case. One chicken top top a stick is $3.99. He likewise will bespeak several situations of the various other fried foods items to store the customers happy. For instance he will order 15 instances of pizza sticks which have 50 in each case. They also have a wide variety of sauces for customers to choose from.

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They are consistently making chicken throughout the day. The hotbox in ~ the front of the gas station, i beg your pardon hold all of the fried food, just shuts under for a few hours a job to it is in cleaned and also during every other hours it is constantly in use. Chicken top top a stick is an object on the Oxford bucket list the everyone requirements to be sure to cross off.