Sanderson Farms, the 4th largest poultry producer in the US, added a new processing basic to its investment portfolio in 2011.

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The basic is located in the city that Kinston, in the Lenoir ar of phibìc Carolina state.


Sanderson farms announced the decision come invest in the Kinston plant in April 2008. The original arrangement was to do the plant operational by respectable 2009.

Sanderson Farms, the fourth largest poultry producer in the US, included a new processing basic to its investment portfolio in 2011. The basic is located in the city that Kinston, in the Lenoir ar of north Carolina state.

It consists of a poultry handling plant, feedmill and hatchery.

Sanderson farms announced that is decision to invest in the Kinston plant in April 2008. The original setup was to do the tree operational by respectable 2009.

The project, however, got delayed because of high serial prices and also unfavourable industry conditions. The resumed again in July 2009 and also was completed in November 2010.

The project required an invest of $121m. The is intended to generate more than 1,600 work when operating at full capacity.

Lenoir county agreed to approve $4.2m in cash and $1.1m because that land based upon the performance of the facility.

Design the the poultry complex

“It contains a poultry processing plant, feedmill and hatchery.”

The processing complicated at Kinston includes a chicken processing plant, a feedmill and also a hatchery.

Sanderson ranches plans to include a second processing plant and hatchery in ~ the location.

The feedmill has, therefore, been designed to fulfill the feed requirements of two plants and hatcheries.

Capacity and expansion the Sanderson Farms’ chicken handling plant

The handling plant has a volume to handle 1.25 million birds a week. The feedmill to produce 8,000 come 10,000t of feeding a main in the an initial phase. The capacity will certainly be amplified to 20,000t of feeding a week in the 2nd phase v the enhancement of second pellet mill.

The capacity development will be achieved in increments the 2,000t end a year, relying on the requirement.

A brand-new wastewater treatment plant has actually been constructed to serve the new processing plant. The unit is composed of four large lagoons and also uses a UV system for purification.

Technology incorporated into the Lenoir county facility

Sanderson farms installed totally automated feedmill because that the first time in ~ the Kinston site. The complicated features state-of-the-art equipment. The feedmill work are managed from a control room using a software program application referred to as Beta Raven.

Production procedure at the feedmill

The serial feedstock because that the feedmill is gift procured largely from the Midwest. The corn is transported come the facility by the Norfolk-Southern rail line on a 75-car train. Corn is procured from neighborhood sources too. The facility deserve to receive 45,000 bushels of grain an hour.

The corn is save on computer in silos and other grains space stored in a turnhead distributor. The facility has actually two 230,000-bushel silos and one 65,000-bushel silo for corn storage. The turnhead distributor is that Hayes & Stolz make, with 16-bins, having a storage capacity of 3,600t. In addition, it has actually nine liquid tanks v a complete storage capacity of 90,000gal.

The whole grain corn is first ground come coarse and also fine varieties, respectively for breeder and broiler feeds. The grind is done in a hammermill that CPM Roskamp Champion make.

The ingredients are weighed and then combined in a 12t mixer of Hayes & Stolz make. The mixture is yielded to an 80t mash bin above the pellet mills if the objective is pelletisation. Otherwise, that is command to load-out for use as breeder feed.

The feed to be pelleted is passed to a pellet mill through a conditioner. The pellet mill has a rated capacity of 85t/h. The pellets space passed v a cooler and crumbler prior to loading out into bins. The pellet mill, conditioner, cooler and also clumber room of CPM make.

Contractors associated in Sanderson Farms’ project

Todd & Sargent to be the general contractor for construction.

TA Loving firm was contract in April 2010 to construct the wastewater therapy plant.

The poultry will be sourced indigenous contract growers in and also around Kinston.

The growers get the birds, feed and also technical aid from the company, however have come invest on the land, building and care facilities. The tree is supposed to need 130 contract growers as soon as running at full capacity.

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The Kinston website was selected principally for the access of an excellent contract grower base, sustainable rail connectivity and low environmental concerns.