Mac and cheese fans rejoice! A Houston restaurant referred to as The Waffle Bus is offer up fried chicken sandwiches smothered in ooey gooey very delicious white cheddar mac and also cheese.

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This unctuous sandwich is referred to as the Mac Daddy, and also we can’t wait to acquire our hand on one (or several).

The Waffle Bus additionally has some delicious political parties to go with your sandwich choose these invited waffle fries.

They’re referred to as “Thunder Fries” and also are topped through crispy piece of buttermilk fried chicken, spicy mayo, and ancho chile honey butter. We’re drooling just looking in ~ them!

In keeping with their name, The Waffle Bus additionally has sweet and also savory waffles.

You can acquire a juicy burgess tucked in between two fluffy waffles, or bespeak a dessert waffle filled with strawberries and Irish cream.

They also have smores waffles, nutella waffles, and also more. Yum!

If you desire to try some of this delicious dishes, you can visit among their food van or your brick-and-mortar ar in Houston Heights.

They’re providing both takeout and delivery so you can fulfill your fried chicken cravings while keeping things COVID-safe.

Address: 1835 N Shepherd Dr Houston, TX 77008

Map come The Waffle Bus

Featured image courtesy that The Waffle Bus’ Instagram account

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