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Bring ago the flavors of your grandmother"s kitchen! Render these skins to make clear, flavorful shmaltz for cooking. Then reap the gribenes (crispy skin bits left over after the fat has been rendered out) -- you won"t have the ability to resist eating them hot right the end of the pan! add them to your chopped liver because that an extra delicious crunch. *Price per pound is an calculation for comparison objectives only. Click on the "Details" tab to discover more.
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Bring ago the seasonings of your grandmother"s kitchen! Render these skins to make clear, flavorful shmaltz for cooking. Then reap the gribenes (crispy skin bits left end after the fat has been rendered out) -- you won"t have the ability to resist eating them hot right the end of the pan! include them to your chopped liver because that an extra delicious crunch.

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straightforward Cooking Technique:

Render, then strain and store shmaltz.


Schmaltz and Gribenes

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*Price per pound is an estimate for comparison functions only. Click the "Details" tab to find out more.

5 Chicken skins

posted by Alla Greenbeg top top Oct 29th 2021


4 Convenient and quality

post by Gavi on Jun 6th 2021

This is just as high top quality as Grow and Behold chicken, and it's really convenient to acquisition this way. It provides a rich, very delicious schmaltz. The skin usually has a fair little of meat still stuck to it, i beg your pardon obviously raises the weight and also requires work to remove, which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.

5 Chicken Skin

post by LaRon on might 31st 2021

I love it. Ns searched high and low because that chicken skin and no one neighborhood sold it. This to be a godsend. Ns loved the product and when cooked the turned out perfectly. It come frozen and in perfect condition.

3 good but bring away a lot of work

post by Savarda Snell on Apr 11th 2021

After beginning my keto journey, i was for this reason excited to find this product for purchase. However, ns agree through the various other reviews that it needs a lot of cleaning if you really desire to gain them. Ns cleaned a 1.5 lb load in one hour and a half. That’s a little much because that me since I still required to clean another pack come have enough for the household to enjoy keto nachos. Ns not sure if i would acquisition again unless they are cleaned better before shipment or if I find an easier means to clean castle myself, even though they are extremely tasty. It’s simply too much cleaning for a pound and also a half of chicken skin.

5 Chicken Skin

post by kmjc78 ~ above Apr sixth 2021

Request come remove and clean out feathers more. Otherwise love it!

4 Chicken skin

post by Cameshia H top top Mar 28th 2021

where good if had less feathers would be Great!!!

5 Chicken Skin

post by decision Charity on Feb 23rd 2021

The product was wonderful, just as i imagined. The product was completely frozen upon arrival. Ns Will certainly order again an extremely soon! so happy I found your product.

2 Chicken skins

posted by David Guido top top Feb 4th 2021

I stove roasted the chicken skins and also they to be fresh and flavorful. But I was rather disappointed to find that about 50% that the pieces had an too much amount of feathers still attached. If that type of skin was on chicken for sale in a store, no one would buy it. Keep in mind from prosper & Behold: Kosher poultry have the right to be feathery due to the cold-water plucking methods used for kashrut. We'll be in touch directly!

3 Chicken skin

post by heather on Jun 4th 2020

Was really excited to have the ability to buy chicken skin in bulk and be may be to do chicken skin crisps in waiting fryer. Even though skins were unique portioned castle were not cleaned well and also there was so lot feather casings in the skin and also chunks of chicken left on it. Made that unappealing come eat as our keto recipe goes.

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Each package will certainly contain 2 lamb chops. You’ll have 4 lamb chops in total. We always try to pack similar-sized items, however you may discover that part chops space slightly larger and also some are slightly smaller.

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