Street Outlaws viewers space wondering why huge Chief (Justin Shearer) and Shawn Ellington, aka murder Nova, have gone your separate ways in business.

Discovery Channel carried a brand new season of Street Outlaws i beg your pardon kicked off on January 11th this year.

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But as lot as viewers are excited around the brand-new series, many are wonder what occurred between big Chief and Shawn.

So, why walk they split?


Screenshot – race Replay: large Chief vs. Boddie | Street Outlaws

Street Outlaws: that are large Chief and Shawn?

Street Outlaws very first premiered ago in 2013 on exploration Channel and also came earlier for that is seventeenth series on January 11th, 2021.

Big Chief and Shawn room a fan-favourite duo on the series who have been racing on the highways of Oklahoma City for years. And we can say that large Chief loves racing an ext than anything together he’s been doing it since the age of 9!

As for Shawn, he’s been a crucial part that Street Outlaws because the show’s beforehand beginning. He ended up being interested in cars many thanks to his dad who had an autobody shop.

Why did large Chief and also Shawn split?

Many viewers in ~ home have actually been wonder what taken place with Midwest Street Cars and also why Shawn and huge Chief have split. The factor is that they have actually grown apart and also have various priorities in life now, large Chief revealed in a YouTube interview last year.

Shawn has chose to emphasis on his family and has since moved ~ above a brand-new business endeavor as he opened a brand-new shop through Phantom, called 187 Customs. Chef has made decision to focus on street racing.

While huge Chief and Shawn have actually gone their separate means in business, it’s worth noting the their friendship is unbreakable. Huge Chief evidenced that he and also Shawn are still near friends in the YouTube interview.

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They both have acquired a solid monitor count. Girlfriend will uncover some breaks with family and also friends amongst the countless car and also street gyeongju posts.


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