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Chief Justice cutting board Saylor says he'll relinquish the Pennsylvania can be fried Court's height office come Justice Max Baer top top April 1. Saylor should retire at the end of this year.



Chief Justice cutting board G. Saylor, that is retiring native the Pennsylvania can be fried Court at year’s end, unveiled a setup Monday to revolve over the reins the the state’s greatest judicial human body a few months early.

Although he will not depart the bench till December, Saylor said he will deliver the short article of chef justice come Justice Max Baer on April 1 “to certain an orderly transition.”

Saylor’s retirement is mandatory since the legislation requires judges to step down at the finish of the year in i beg your pardon they turn 75. He has actually been chef justice since January 2015. He has actually been a supreme Court justice for 23 years and has written around 400 main opinions on both criminal and also civil issues.

“I am grateful to have led a fertile Court, written of collegial and dedicated jurists, and I appreciate the support I have actually received native the other justices and court system personnel transparent my tenure,” Saylor said. “I have actually every confidence the Justice Baer, who has been mine friend and also colleague for numerous years, will be an able steward that both our supreme Court and the Pennsylvania Judiciary.”

“Chief justice Saylor has actually long to be lauded for his differentiated service and extraordinary management of an independent judiciary,” Baer said. “We have been pointing out this transition for some time, and I specifically value the opportunity to have actually him close at hand as ns take ~ above the myriad added responsibilities of chief justice.

“I hope to follow his example of strong, collaborative, and effective leadership throughout the remainder of my time ~ above the court,” Baer said.

About this forthcoming transition on the state’s high court, commonwealth Court President judge P. Kevin Brobson approve a declare recognizing Saylor because that his judicial service.

“Chief justice Tom Saylor has been a incredible leader the our court for much more than six years. The judges of the commonwealth Court that Pennsylvania thank him for his collegial demeanor, kind decision making, and commitment to an independent, fair, and impartial judiciary,” Brobson said. “We look front to functioning with and supporting justice Baer together the incoming chief justice and also congratulate him as he starts his shift to this brand-new leadership position.”

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