Chief righteousness Stuart Rabner is the eighth chef justice to lead the new Jersey supreme Court due to the fact that the 1947 state constitution.

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Chief justice Rabner was nominated come the supreme Court by governor Jon S. Corzine and was sworn in top top June 29, 2007. He was nominated for tenure through Governor chris Christie and was sworn in ~ above June 20, 2014.

Born on June 30, 1960, chef Justice Rabner was increased in Passaic. He graduated summa cum laude from the school of Public and International Affairs at Princeton college in 1982. He i graduated cum laude native Harvard regulation School in 1985. He was a law clerk come U.S. Ar Court referee Dickinson R. Debevoise before joining the U.S. Attorney"s Office in Newark in 1986.

After start his career as an assistant U.S. Attorney, cook Justice Rabner functioned in a variety of positions including first assistant U.S. Attorney and also chief of the terrorism unit. He to be chief the the office"s criminal division when the was named chief counsel to branch Corzine in January 2006. He was named brand-new Jersey attorney basic in September 2006 and also served in that place until his nomination come the Court.

Chief justice Rabner is a member the the board of director of the institute of Judicial administration at new York University school of Law, and also a member that the board of directors of the American legislation Institute. He served as a member the the board of directors of the Conference the Chief justices from 2010 to 2012.

Chief justice Rabner and also his wife, the former Deborah Wiener, have actually three children.


Justice LaVecchia to be nominated by branch Christine Todd Whitman to offer on the supreme Court on January 6, 2000. She was confirmed by the Senate ~ above January 10, 2000 and sworn in because that a term to start February 1, 2000.

At the moment of her initial nomination, justice LaVecchia had actually been serving as the brand-new Jersey Commissioner that Banking and Insurance since August 24, 1998. Prior to her appointment together commissioner, justice LaVecchia had been the manager of the division of regulation within the department of Law and also Public Safety due to the fact that August 1, 1994. As director, she was responsible because that the legal work of all lawyers assigned to the civil side the the brand-new Jersey attorney General’s Office.

In addition, righteousness LaVecchia offered as Director and Chief governmental Law Judge for the Office of administrative Law native 1989 through July 1994. She likewise served in the Office the Counsel come Governor cutting board H. Kean, an initial as an Assistant Counsel and then as Deputy chief Counsel. She additionally has been in private practice and worked together a deputy attorney general in the department of Law.

Justice LaVecchia to be born in Paterson top top October 9, 1954. She is a 1976 graduate of Douglass College and also graduated in 1979 indigenous Rutgers college of regulation in Newark. She has been a member the the new Jersey Bar since 1980. In 1996, she was chosen a other of the American Bar Association. She has actually chaired or served on various Supreme Court Committees, subcommittees, and also other Court-assigned projects. She has actually been an active member that the Douglass college Alumnae Association. Watch the bye video clip of justice Jaynee LaVecchia by her other justices at she last argument.


Justice Albin was nominated by branch James E. McGreevey top top July 10, 2002 to serve on the can be fried Court. He was confirmed by the Senate ~ above September 12, 2002 and was sworn in as an associate Justice by chef Justice Deborah T. Poritz in ~ a personal ceremony ~ above September 18, 2002. On October 3, 2002, the reaffirmed the oath the office in a windy ceremony at the Trenton battle Memorial. Justice Albin was shown by the Senate because that a second term and also tenure ~ above June 22, 2009.

At the time of his nomination, justice Albin was a companion in the Woodbridge legislation firm the Wilentz, Goldman and also Spitzer.

Justice Albin to be born top top July 7, 1952, in Brooklyn, brand-new York. He graduated from Rutgers college in 1973. ~ graduating from Cornell regulation School in 1976, he started his career as a Deputy Attorney general in the Appellate ar of the new Jersey division of Criminal Justice. Justice Albin then served as one Assistant Prosecutor in Passaic and Middlesex counties indigenous 1978 come 1982. He began his association with the Wilentz for sure in 1982, and also was called a companion in 1986.

Justice Albin is a previous President that the brand-new Jersey combination of Criminal Defense Lawyers (1999-2000) and served together a member the the brand-new Jersey supreme Court Criminal practice Committee native 1987 come 1992. He was selected by his partner to be contained in the publication "Best Lawyers in America" (2000-2001).

He and also his wife, Inna, have two sons, Gerald and Daniel.


Justice ann M. Patterson was born in Trenton, brand-new Jersey in 1959. She graduated from Dartmouth College through a level in federal government in 1980, and received she J.D. From Cornell regulation School in 1983. Justice Patterson then joined the Morristown, brand-new Jersey legislation firm the Riker, Danzig, Scherer, Hyland & Perretti as an associate. In 1989, justice Patterson left Riker Danzig to offer as a deputy attorney general and also special assistant to new Jersey Attorney general Peter N. Perretti, Jr., managing civil litigation and criminal appeals on behalf of the state. She rejoined Riker Danzig and became a companion in the firm in 1992. Her practice concentrated on product liability, pundit property and commercial legal action in state and federal trial and also appellate courts. Justice Patterson served as Chair that the brand-new Jersey State Bar combination Product Liability and also Toxic Tort Section, as an officer and also trustee the the combination of the federal Bar of brand-new Jersey, and as a trustee the the psychological Attorneys of new Jersey. From 1991 come 2006, righteousness Patterson served on the brand-new Jersey can be fried Court Committee top top Character.

Justice Patterson was nominated as an combine Justice that the new Jersey supreme Court through Governor chris Christie and was sworn in ~ above September 1, 2011. She to be nominated for tenure by branch Phil Murphy and was sworn in ~ above July 31, 2018.


Justice Fernandez-Vina was nominated come the can be fried Court through Gov. Kris Christie top top Sept. 30, 2013 and also was sworn right into office on Nov. 19, 2013 adhering to confirmation by the state Senate.

Born on Feb. 15, 1952 in Santiago, Cuba, justice Fernandez-Vina to be appointed to the superior Court bench by then Gov. James E. McGreevey ~ above July 16, 2004. Referee Fernandez-Vina very first sat in the civil division of the Camden Vicinage. He relocated to the family department in 2006 and also was named presiding referee of the civil division on Feb. 1, 2007. Cook Justice Stuart Rabner called him assignment judge of the Camden Vicinage top top Jan. 11, 2012.

A graduate of Widener University and also Rutgers University school of Law-Camden, justice Fernandez-Vina offered as a law clerk to remarkable Court judge E. Stevenson Fluharty prior to going right into private practice. He ended up being a certified civil trial attorney and has served on the ar IV values Committee, the can be fried Court Committee on Character and also the supreme Court Committee ~ above Jury Selection. If on the bench, justice Fernandez-Vina has actually served ~ above a number of committees, consisting of the supreme Court ad Hoc Committee on the password of justice Conduct and the can be fried Court Civil practice Committee.


Following his nomination by Gov. Kris Christie and confirmation through the Senate, righteousness Solomon was sworn in together an associate justice on June 19, 2014.

Justice Solomon to be born top top Aug. 17, 1954 in Philadelphia and also attended public schools there. He got his bachelor"s level from Muhlenberg college in 1975 and his law degree from Widener University school of law in 1978.

He offered on the head money Heights Borough Council, Camden County plank of Freeholders and five year in the new Jersey general Assembly.

Justice Solomon was very first appointed come the bench in January 2006 by acting Gov. Richard J. Codey. He served in the Camden Vicinage for 2 years in the household division, and then for two years in the criminal division.

In February 2010, Gov. Christie called Justice Solomon come his cabinet, together president that the board of windy Utilities.

Justice Solomon left the bench to command the BPU until December 2011, as soon as he to be nominated by Gov. Christie to go back to the bench in Camden. The rejoined the court in the civil division.

In April 2013, justice Solomon was called presiding referee of the criminal division, and also in November 2013, that was called assignment judge, both by chief Justice Stuart Rabner.

Immediately before his meeting to the Judiciary, justice Solomon served as deputy U.S. Attorney for the southerly vicinages, ar of new Jersey, a position to which he to be appointed in 2002 by then-U.S. Attorney chris Christie. He likewise served together Camden county prosecutor for 5 years and also acting prosecutor for one year.

Justice Solomon is married and also has 3 children.


Justice Fabiana Pierre-Louis to be nominated by Gov. Phil Murphy top top June 5, 2020 and was sworn in together an combine justice top top Sept. 1, 2020. She is the an initial Black woman to serve on the new Jersey can be fried Court.

At the moment of she appointment, justice Pierre-Louis to be a companion at Montgomery McCracken, whereby she functioned in the white collar and also government investigations practice group. She concentrated her exercise on complex commercial litigation, white collar crime, and also government investigations.

Born top top Sept. 9, 1980 in brand-new York City, righteousness Pierre-Louis invested her beforehand childhood in Brooklyn and also moved to Irvington once she to be eight year old. She got a bachelor"s level from Rutgers University and a law level from Rutgers regulation School.

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Justice Pierre-Louis began her legitimate career as a regulation clerk to brand-new Jersey supreme Court associate Justice john E. Wallace Jr., whose seat she now occupies. In September 2010, she join the U.S. Attorney’s Office, wherein she offered as the attorney-in-charge the the Trenton and Camden branches. Justice Pierre-Louis also worked in the Newark office in the general crimes and organized crime and also gang units.