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On Jan. 1, 2011, Maureen O"Connor ended up being"s an initial female chief Justice. She joined the supreme Court ~ above Jan. 1, 2003, becoming the 148th Justice and also giving the Court its first-ever female majority.

Chief justice Maureen O"Connor, the an initial woman to lead the righteousness branch, has made justice mechanism reform the centerpiece of she nine-year tenure.

Among campaigns she has championed in and also nationally are racial justice; difficulties to “debtor’s prisons;” attorney depiction for the poor; reform of bail, fines and fees; sentencing fairness; cameras in courtrooms; and also grand jury reform.

Chief justice O’Connor led the creation in 2016 the the nation’s very first multistate human body designed come fight the opioid epidemic by developing an across-borders team the judicial, legislative and also law enforcement sectors through medical, scientific, research and also philanthropic groups. The job-related of nine says acting together a unit proceeds today and has spawned a national body and local efforts.

She has actually served together co-chair that the nationwide Task force on Fines, Fees, and Bail Practices and is previous president the the nationwide Conference the Chief justices (CCJ) and past chair the the National facility for State courts (NCSC) plank of Directors.

Maureen O’Connor to be’s sublieutenant governor once she was elected to the supreme Court of together a righteousness in November 2002. She to be re-elected in 2008. Voters made decision her as’s 10th cook justice in 2010 and also she was unopposed because that a 2nd six-year term in 2016.

In her first statewide judicial election in 2002, she took an ext than 57 percent that the poll to become the 148th justice of the court and also the 6th woman to join the court. She election gave the court its first female majority.

Born in the nation"s capital and raised in Strongsville and also Parma in, chef Justice O"Connor"s job in public service and also the legislation spans 3 decades and includes company as a exclusive lawyer, magistrate, common pleas court judge, and prosecutor.

She earned she Bachelor of Arts level at Seton Hill college in 1973 and also her law level from Cleveland-Marshall university of law in 1980.

While gaining experience in practice as an attorney throughout the early on 1980s, chef Justice O"Connor created a house for she family and her legal career in Northeast

Appointed a magistrate in Summit ar in 1985, she served until ending up being a common pleas court judge in 1993. Together a liven trial judge, she was selected by she peers to offer as the bureaucratic judge — a testimony to her capability to build coalitions and maintain collegiality if administering to the company of the courts.

She resigned from the bench to end up being the Summit ar prosecuting lawyer in 1995. There, she aggressively prosecuted repeat offenders, violent criminals, and public officials that committed ethical violations or improprieties, and lobbied the basic Assembly for tougher laws on rape and also gang-related offenses. Her untiring work received accolades native victims’ civil liberties groups and educational institutions, and earned awards native Mothers versus Drunk Driving and also Cleveland State University.

In 1998, she was chosen lieutenant governor – the second-highest executive office in the state. She became Governor Bob Taft’s chief torture on criminal justice issues, offered as director of the department of windy Safety and also as chair of"s security Task Force and the State structure Security review Committee.

In the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, she led the state in its solution to new threats of terror by working v the department of countryside Security, law enforcement, and also the Emergency monitoring Agency, initiatives that garnered the worship of federal homeland security officials.

Chief justice O"Connor has pursued comprehensive agenda because that strengthening the 3rd branch the federal government in a number of key areas:

Racial Fairness: chef Justice O’Connor is top an to plan to establish a transparent, an extensive criminal righteousness data device aimed at promoting the fair and also equitable administration of justice. The would carry together the data that the courts along with those of law enforcement, prosecutors, probation officers and also corrections department in the interest of equality and also transparency.Conviction Reform: 2020 clues the appointment of The Task pressure on Conviction Integrity. The job Force, comprised of all interested parties, will certainly analyze and recommend substantive and procedural improvements concerning the integrity of convictions and also the postconviction testimonial process.Bail Reform:’s cook justice led the efforts that in 2020 readjusted the rule governing bail, bond, and also pre-trial relax in criminal cases. Courts now should use the least-restrictive link conditions and least lot of financial bail to secure the defendant’s appearance. Link schedules currently are come be provided only for securing release before an early stage appearance and also are not to be thought about by a psychological court throughout a bond hearing.Technology/Innovation: once the coronavirus dilemm hit America in 2020, chief Justice O‚Connor action quickly, share $6 million that her budget with neighborhood courts for the purchase of remote modern technology to store them in conference while abiding by the department of health guidelines. Immediate activity was made possible by the Courts modern technology Initiative, a device of annual tech grants to courts that she had instituted in 2015. Much more than $17 million in grants had been made under that program when the coronavirus dollars to be added, happen the complete to $23 million. These technical upgrades for sure the efficient and effective management of justice. She likewise has encouraged local court to apply for as much as $75,000 in yearly Innovation sponsor that further the cause of justice.Debtor"s Prisons: In 2016, chef Justice O’Connor was named co-chair of the nationwide Task force on Fines, Fees and Bail Practices, developed by the Conference of cook Justices and the Conference that State Court Administrators, to attend to the ongoing influence that court fines, fees, and also bail practices have on financially disadvantaged communities throughout the united States. Under cook Justice O’Connor’s leadership, the supreme Court has actually created and also disseminated bench cards to much better educate judges and court personnel around appropriate jae won sanctions and also obligations that deserve to be levied in court.Grand Juries: In 2016, chief Justice O’Connor called an 18-member Task force to Examine improvements to the grand Jury device to preserve the public’s trust and also confidence in cool juries. The group’s 11 recommendations had those to approve the attorney General’s Office exclusive authority to investigate and, if necessary, prosecute police lethal usage of pressure cases; develop a process for the release of the grand jury document under restricted circumstances, develop education and outreach programs, and also strengthen grand jury independence.Access to Justice: chief Justice O’Connor charged the supreme Court’s Task force on access to Justice with identifying obstacles come accessing the polite justice system in The task pressure issued 11 recommendations in April 2015, i m sorry included more funding and higher fees for out-of-state attorneys to fund civil legal assist work.Death Penalty: In a cooperative effort between the can be fried Court of and also the State Bar Association, chef Justice O’Connor led the establishment of the share Task force to review the management of’s fatality Penalty, a group of 21 judges, prosecuting and defense attorneys, and lawmakers, come examine means to certain the management of resources punishment is fair and judicious. The team issued a final report include 56 referrals in 2014.CLE: Working with judges and the arranged bar associations, cook Justice O’Connor led an effort to reform and improve the device of continuing legal education and learning for judges and lawyers, including expanded use of modern technology and distance learning.

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Chief Justice, supreme Court the elafilador.netElected in November 2010; re-elected in November 2016 term began January 1, 2017

Justice, can be fried Court that elafilador.netElected in November 2002 and began ax January 2003; re-elected in November 2008 and began ax in January 2009

Prosecuting Attorney, Summit CountyServed from 1995 to 1999

Judge, Summit county Court of usual PleasServed indigenous 1993 come 1995 and elected by she peers to serve as bureaucratic judge

Magistrate, Summit county Probate CourtAppointed in 1985 and also served until 1993

Attorney, private practice of regulation Practiced native 1981 come 1985 and handled both criminal and also civil cases


Lieutenant Governor and also Director the the department of publicly Safety, State that elafilador.netAs lieutenant branch from 1999 come 2003, cook Justice O"Connor also chaired the State that defense Task Force and also the State building Security review Committee.


The Bar Medal, the highest possible honor that the State Bar Association, 2019President’s Partnering for top quality Award, association of County behavior Health Authorities, 2019Thomas J. Moyer Award for Judicial Excellence, State Bar Association, 2018Esther H. Brocker Award, capital University law School, 2015Dr. Bennett J. Cooper Award, justice Alliance for neighborhood Corrections, 2015Public business Award, association for polite Trial Attorneys, 2014Honorary physician of Laws, university of Akron institution of Law, 2013Commencement Speaker because that the university of Akron school of Law, 2013Alumnus that the Year, Cleveland-Marshall college of Law, 2012Founders" Award, Women"s Bar Association, 2011Pioneer Award, Akron Bar Association, 2011Irish legal 100, 2010Commencement Speaker for Seton Hill College, May, 2001 commencement Speaker for Cleveland-Marshall university of Law, 1999Cleveland State University distinguished Alumnae award for public Achievement, 1997MADD regulation Enforcement Award, Summit County,, 1997


Bachelor that Arts, Seton Hill College, 1973Juris Doctor, Cleveland-Marshall university of Law, 1980


Past Chair and Board Member, Conference of chef State Bar AssociationPast chairman of the Conference of chief Justices


Born In Washington, D.C. And also raised in Strongsville, and Parma,

ChildrenAlex and Ed


Chief justice Maureen O"ConnorSupreme Court of elafilador.net65 south Front StreetColumbus, 43215-3431Tel: 614.387.9000