The police chief says police officers acted appropriately when they hosted two men at gunpoint due to the fact that they masked the summary of suspects in a robbery.

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The police chef says policemans acted as necessary when they organized two guys at gunpoint since they masked the description of suspects in a robbery.
ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando Police cook Orlando Rolon stated his police officers acted appropriately when conducting a stop of two black males riding your bikes ~ above Monday night.

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This comes after among the males posted the beginning of the communication on society media, now viewed more than 2 million times reflecting the two guys riding your bikes top top a sidewalk when confronted by policemans with their weapons drawn.

“What happened? us ain’t execute nothing,” the man yelled at police as his friend easily laid ~ above the sidewalk through his hand up. Officers continue to yell ‘Get top top the ground’ before ordering the guys to crawl come them.

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A newly released body camera video clip from OPD released late Thursday afternoon shows video from the officers’ perspective.

A gun was pointed in ~ the males as lock crawled in the direction of the officer’s vehicles. The young men, clearly confused, complied.

“If girlfriend don’t have a gun, we’ll clear you,” officers can be heard.

According to police, the policemans were investigating an armed robbery on worldwide Drive on Monday night.

A release read the victim was a traveler in town on vacation and also reported two people had assaulted him and also took his wallet, digital camera, and also Apple watch.

He additionally told police the suspects declared to have actually a gun.

OPD said based on what the victim and witness had actually reported, the suspects showed up to be 2 black/darker complexion males on bicycles.

The report released by OPD that would list the exact summary was heavily redacted Thursday night.

Chief Rolon knows it consisted of one the the guys wearing or having a white shirt tied about their waistband, but couldn’t explain much more than that.


“It’s explained in the report, I know there was a cite of a reddish looking shirt and also a white shirt of sorts, that ns remember vividly,” Rolon said. “There was sufficient information around the bicycles, the color of their skin, details color of garments they were wearing, one in his 20s and one in his 30s which would give any type of officer reasonable uncertainty that these people may be involved.”

About ripe minutes later, the two men seen in the viral video were stopped by an officer. Body camera video shows officers with their guns drawn ordering the men to acquire on the ground and to crawl to them till they were able to pat lock down and also handcuff them.

Police say much less than an hour later, the evil was carried to the location and also confirmed the men were not the ones connected in the robbery. Police on human body camera video clip seen explaining what happened to both men.

“I desire to make certain I’m male enough and also say ‘Hey, you wasn’t the guy’ and also I evaluate you following directions and also getting on the ground,” the officer deserve to be heard speaking to among the men.


He then approaches the other.

“I apples it wasn’t you, yet you suitable the description and also that’s why ns did what ns did,” he said.

“You can’t honestly apologize to me about pulling a total on me,” the male responded.

Rolon said his police officers acted appropriately.

“I would have acted precisely how lock did,” cook Rolon said. “These again were people that matched the description given to us by the victims and witnesses the was explained to the officers. The officers had actually no choice, actually, the officers had actually an obligation to prevent these individuals to make certain they no the ones responsible.”

Chief Rolon claimed the police officers responded the method they did the end of safety, thinking they had actually the suspects probably armed.

“You can’t just method someone who is potentially armed just choose nothing especially at night, you have to think about there room officer safety and security considerations that need to be used during the scenario that can result in you dice if you aren’t careful,” Rolon said. “That said you have to know as soon as to elevate and deescalate that situation and that’s what we practiced here.”