The Kansas City Chiefs room celebrating their second Super bowl title in franchise history. In 2019, the Chiefs hoisted the Lombardi Trophy led by a quarterback that has a good chance come be in ~ the peak of this perform one day.

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Patrick Mahomes has actually only been the started in Kansas City for 2 years, however he has actually a large resume already. With Andy Reid on the sidelines and also the talent approximately him, Mahomes could put up historic numbers approximately the NFL, not just in Kansas City.

While Mahomes might currently be a top 10 player in franchise history, it is tho too early on to bump him up to the top five. Right here are the five finest players in Chiefs’ history.

5. Buck Buchanan

The Chiefs selected Buchanan with the No. 1 all at once pick in the 1963 NFL Draft. He was the very first African American player to be selected v the an initial overall pick. And it was a good selection through Kansas City.

Buchanan gotten in the league as a one of a kind player. He was 6’7 and also 270 pounds combined with an excellent strength and also speed that was unusual for players that size. Attack lineman struggled v his capability and that proved in 1967 once he batted 16 passes down at the heat of scrimmage.

The eight-time agree Bowler was named very first Team All-Pro four times. He spent 13 year in Kansas City and also was personal of your Super bowl IV championship team.

4. Bobby Bell

Bell invested the first two year of his career together a protective end for the Chiefs before moving come linebacker. This relocate worked very well given Bell’s capability to sirloin the passer and drop into coverage.

During his days as a Chief, Bell spent a many time in coverage. The nine-time pro Bowler finished his career with 26 interceptions i m sorry are an excellent for 10th in Chiefs history. Bell at this time holds the Chiefs’ all-time record for interceptions returned for a touchdown v six.

Bell was named very first Team All-Pro six times in his career. He is among the peak linebackers in Chiefs’ history after spending 12 years v the team.

3. Len Dawson


Thomas burst top top the scene as a rookie for the Chiefs in 1989. After gift selected fourth overall, cutting board made the Chiefs look like geniuses. The won protective Rookie of the Year after totaling 10 sacks and three required fumbles.

In 1990, cutting board earned his 2nd Pro key nod and first selection as All-Pro. The led the NFL with 20 sacks and also six required fumbles. He would certainly lead the organization in required fumbles as soon as again in 1992 v eight. Thomas achieved an tremendous feat on November 11, 1990. In a game against the Seattle Seahawks, cutting board racked up 7 sacks, which is tho an NFL record for a single game.

Thomas at this time holds the Chiefs’ all-time document for sacks through 126.5. The is additionally their leader in safeties with three and also forced fumbles through 41. Thomas made a surname for himself as a hard-hitting linebacker that knew exactly how to beat the game. Thomas was a great player top top the field and also a good person off of that winning the Walter Payton guy of the Year compensation in 1993.

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Kansas City has actually retired his No. 58 jersey, and the team MVP award is likewise named ~ him. His dominance on the ar was rewarded when he was chosen to the room of call in 2009. Cutting board was likewise a component of the NFL’s 1990’s All-Decade team. He was one of the optimal linebackers in the game throughout his era.