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The Kansas City Chiefs play in one of the most-watched NFL games throughout the 2019 continuous season. That game, the course, came against the gatekeepers to the AFC — the brand-new England Patriots.

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The Chiefs opened as 2.5-point underdogs versus the Patriots in main 14. That opening line was large in component because of Kansas City shedding the previous 2 matchups to the Patriots. One a regular-season game in 2018 at Foxboro and the second being the AFC championship game at Arrowhead Stadium. Likewise if you take a emergence at the Patriots record at residence over the previous several years, it’s virtually impossible to gain a win as soon as they pat in Gillette Stadium. The Chiefs ended up being one the the few teams to execute it twice after mainly 14.

This matchup was extremely anticipated together Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes was 3 weeks removed from a kneecap dislocation injury. Kansas City had actually come off of back-to-back wins against AFC West adversaries including a success in Mexico City against the Chargers and a dominant win over the Raiders in week 13.

Our friend Henry McKenna of Patriots Wire shared the top 5 most-watched games from the NFL’s press release below. Check it out:

The Patriots played in 2 of the most-watched games during the 2019 continuous season, per the NFL.

— Henry McKenna (
28.3 million human being watched the Chiefs take down the Patriots in main 14. The number was great for No. 3 on the perform of the 5 most-watched games throughout the 2019 consistent season. The video game was presented on CBS during the afternoon slate that games. It was one of three gamings in the afternoon slate ~ above the list of the height 5 most-watched.

The game in between Kansas City and new England didn’t disappoint. It came down to a fourth-and-3 with the sphere in Tom Brady’s hands in the red zone. The score to be 23-16 v the Chiefs in the lead. Brady threw the round to Julian Edelman in the ago left corner of the endzone and also Bashaud Breeland do an impressive play top top the round to force the incomplete pass.

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As it transforms out this victory would mean whatever for Kansas City together it provided the team a head-to-head tie-breaker over new England that enabled the No. 2 seed and a first-round taking leave to it is in possible.