some ugly ducklings simply need time come blossom into the beautiful swans the they were intended to be.

these fifteen previous child gibbs did the reverse. Lock peaked beforehand on, starting out adorable, talented and also full of promise, however unfortunately because that them time has not been your friend. This tween stars suffered a dual dose the cruelty as soon as their careers went under the tubes together with their looks. In Hollywood nothing big forever, and these former stars room proof of that.

kid actors seldom come out on the other side the puberty unscathed and too regularly we hear around how they turned your careers into train wrecks in no time. Seriously, it is a wonder that any type of loving parents the end there press their youngsters into show service knowing the the opportunities of them no crashing and also burning is slim to none. Countless of this fifteen can add poor adult selections to their fateful triangle the despair:

Dead careers...check.

run ins with the law, problem abuse and destructive decisions...check.

i m really sorry kids, i hope you took pleasure in your fame, fortune and also cuteness while that lasted. It won"t be return anytime soon.

15 Taylor Momsen

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, this Midwestern Muffin was around as cute together a button before she jumped feet very first into a vat of black eyeliner and hair bleach. Taylor Momsen acted on fight shows favor Gossip Girl, wherein she play Jenny Humphrey, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. The blonde beauty, beauty who had been acting because she was knee high come a grasshopper had come a long way since landing her first Shake n" bake commercial at age three. After striking it huge with Gossip Girl though, she dropped off the the exhilaration radar and also landed in a rock and also roll band, The quite Reckless. She has delighted in some success as a grungy, angsty crooner, however nothing choose she had earlier in her exhilaration heydays. Truthfully, ns bet she is still a stunner what underneath every one of that Covergirl.

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14 Jonathan Lipnicki

Who can forget little Lipnicki"s function as the kid of Renee Zellweger in package office mega struggle Jerry Maguire. The was about as squishable as they came, ns remember hoping the my sons would certainly be together lovable together him remained in that film. Ns take the all back now. I think the peaked around age five. While the is not almost as aesthetically offensive as others top top this list, the is kind of Jonathan left acting to live life together a usual teenager prior to attempting to regain his exhilaration mojo, landing small roles in shows like Monk and Family Guy. The seems choose today he has actually a balance of engaging in normal activities like Jiu-Jitsu practice and polishing the old acting chops at venues like the legend Playhouse West. He can not it is in raking in mad dough, but he doesn"t seem like he is a train wreck either, that"s a victory for a previous child star!

13 Lark Voorhies

Lark Voorhies played Lisa tortoise on every girl"s favorite television show, conserved By The Bell. Others came and also went, yet Turtle to be there to stay. It turns out she should have tried to stay there...forever. Once the show ended, so did Lark"s cute and sassy style and her sanity. These days she is ideal known for her disturbing appearance and her strange public rants. She piles on the heavy makeup (that yes, really doesn"t give with she skin tone,) and conducts interviews favor she is a few french fries short of a happy meal. Oh yeah, she additionally made a small sex tape with ex boyfriend Jimmy Green. I wonder if she used Dustin Diamond"s contacts as soon as peddling the gem? At the very least they every made their very own tape. None of us would have survived a Screech and also Lisa porn.

12 Taran young name Smith

Taran Noah blacksmith played the youngest kid of Tim The Tool man Taylor on residence Improvement. Along with familiar names favor Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson and also Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Smith spent the bulk of his childhood on one of the longest to run sitcoms in television history. The display did at some point run that course and also ended when Smith was 16 years old. By then he had transformed from adorable tyke come quirky teen and it remained in that phase Taran has actually remained. He stopped acting all together and married a woman double his age, accused his parents of dipping right into his trust fund, do some poor business decisions, obtained busted because that possession that hash and also divorced his cougar mam in 2007. Adulthood has not been kind to the tool Man"s youngest son.

11 Rupert Grint

Rupert green is finest known for playing Ron Weasley in the ever before popular take care of Potter series. I likewise like to think of him as the vice chairman of Gingers-Run-The-Friend-Zone, (with Ed Sheeran heading that gang up of course.) Rupert was type of sweet and also cute in that we-will-never-ever-hook-up way, however as he age he became...kind that gross. I"m sure he is a nice guy and all, however let"s be honest: if you room going come bed Ron Weasley, climate you space going come be knock down drunk in a pitch black color bar. Also though this English gent isn"t specifically a sight for soar eyes, he is type of a gem that a covert talent. Prior to landing the duty of Ron at age eleven, he had only action in school plays and also local neighborhood theater. That is one hell of a promotion there Rup!

10 Amanda Bynes

once upon a time she to be a Nickelodeon darling, climate the wheels come off of Amanda Bynes in a very huge way. Earlier in the 1990"s and early 2000"s Amanda starred in shows prefer All That and also The Amanda Show prior to venturing right into movies such together What A Girl Wants, Hairspray and Easy A. Life was an excellent for this gold haired girl, until she gradually started to execute what many child stars do...unravel. Amanda began retiring, un-retiring, ranting, an altering her illustration dramatically and also making bizarre statements on Twitter. Then come the trouble v the law... A the majority of it. She was ultimately committed to a psychiatric facility before her parental swooped in come oversee their daughter"s health and wealth. This day the former actress insurance claims that she is three years sober and ready to jump ago into the exhilaration saddle.

9 Haley Joel Osment

remember this kid? He to be the tiny guy that saw dead world while certification in The Sixth feeling alongside Bruce Willis. After ~ earning one Academy award nomination because that his performance, Osment walk on come score some large time functions in movies like Pay it Forward and A.I. Artificial Intelligence. This boy was on peak of the world and also headed for a long and also fulfilling career, yet the roles started come slim down and Haley began to perform the opposite. The big guy ended up experiencing a relatively nasty vehicle accident in 2006, pleading no challenge to steering under the influence of alcohol and also drug possession. He right now lives in new York city and plays both the guitar and also the piano. Sort of a shame, this male really does have quite a bit of talent.

8 Edward Furlong

I supplied to think this male was so freaking hot. Don"t lie, you most likely did too. The starred in Terminator 2, American background X, Before and After, and around twenty other films over the last couple of decades. Furlong walk from a teen heartthrob v the smoldering stare to a bloated, greasy man that ns would intentionally cross the street to obtain away from. I gain it Eddie, the roles stopped comes and turning forty is fun for no one, but you have let you yourself go in a very huge way. The makes middle aged women choose me very sad. That isn"t simply his unkempt look at that renders me want to vomit, he has additionally struggled v drugs, alcohol and domestic abuse, not specifically attractive qualities. The guy has spent much more time in and out the rehabs and also jail 보다 he has on movie sets in the past few years.

7 macauleay Culkin

This man right below is the poster boy for cute boy actor turned washed up, ugly addict. Seriously how is this even the exact same person!? Grown up Mac barely even resembles tiny Kevin McAllister that we all fell in love v while the town hall the home Alone movies. He to be such darling little stinker earlier then v his quick witted pranks and also snarky retorts, now he is...well yucky. ~ the kiddo landing some large movie functions in films like Uncle Buck and also My Girl, he retirement from acting at age fourteen, and took a actual interest in drugs and alcohol, ultimately getting busted in 2004. His is truly a sad story, but a common one. He was a kid superstar, managed by iron-fisted phase parents who occurred an appetite because that destruction. Not specifically a recipe because that success over there huh?

6 Ron Howard

who knew that the an innovative genius and also Academy compensation winning film housing Ron Howard provided to be a complete cutie pa-tootie! Ron began out acting as Opie in the Andy Griffith Show and also later as Richie Cunningham in Happy Days prior to he walk on to develop the masterpieces that we all love: A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, Cinderella Man, Backdraft and also Cocoon. This is merely a quick list of what this male has had a hand in creating, film is most certainly in his blood. Therefore yes, Ron Howard has a excellent mind. And also yes, Ron Howard is nothing to look at. I intend he put every one of his initiatives into working out the an imaginative side of his brain and neglected his appearance. Ron is married to his lovely mam Cheryl and together they have three gorgeous daughters.

5 Erik per Sullivan

Well right here is a son actor who never quite thrived into his looks. Erik per Sullivan played small Dewey on the fight television display Malcom in the Middle. As the small bro come Frankie Muniz, Erik enjoyed countless ladies cooing end him, wanting come pinch his sweet tiny cheeks. Ns hope he appreciated those days due to the fact that I doubt the ladies room swooning over him this days. He still has actually that infant face, yet now it"s in a man"s body, which renders things a small weird come look at. Those gigantic floppy ears occupational for tiny kids, yet on a get an impressive These days Erik is mainly staying away from the acting world, although that did a little of voice over occupational in detect Nemo and a few other tiny films.

4 Henry Thomas

His name might not ring a bell, however his confront sure will. Henry thomas is "that son from E.T." He illustrated lonely ten year old Elliot that befriended everyone"s favorite alien. Cutting board was basically a no name son from a fairly poor, rural background who went back to residence life ~ filming v Spielberg come bullying and also taunting from his local peers. The wasn"t in Kansas anymore and he turned come the lady individual to lull the punch of reality. Might as well get something out of his huge time role. Ultimately Thomas moved to the huge city wherein he made a living as a working actor, greatly landing smaller roles, but somehow managed to stop the curse that the childhood star. Now he resides in the Los Angeles area v his wife and also three children and also for the most part is simply a normal dude. Sure, that is nothing really to gawk in ~ now, but at least he isn"t in jail or rehab choose so plenty of other boy actors.

3 Michael Fishman

ns love me some Roseanne. I swear I have seen every illustration and almost peed mine pants v excitement as soon as I heard they were bringing the display back. Michael Fishman play the youngest Conner kid, D.J. The little half-wit was always up to no good, yet who could get mad at the cute small face? After one of television"s longest to run sitcoms ended, Fishman pretty much dropped off the radar and out the acting. His adorable watch didn"t last an extremely long and also after a few small duties in other films and projects Fishman offered up the silver display to resolve into domestic bliss. Today he is married with two children and taking acting classes in really hopes of breaking earlier into the company as an adult actor. The return that Roseanne is one heck of a happy break because that Fishman!

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2 Tina Yothers

Tina Yothers started acting in commercials as soon as she was just three years old. The green eyed cutie pie with a million dollar smile seemed made for television and also it wasn"t long before she landed the duty of youngest daughter, Jennifer Keaton, on the struggle television display Family Ties. At ripe years old, Yothers to be catapulted into the limelight, however enjoyed very tiny acting success following the show"s run. She tried her hand in ~ a music career, creating a band dubbed Jaded with her brother, (nothing around that sounds choose a winner,) but that as well didn"t capture on. In recent years Tina has showed up on truth television shows prefer Wife Swap, Celebrity Fit Club and also What not To Wear, basically every solitary reality show that criticizes your being and negates your me worth.

1 Robert Macnaughton

What a loss from grace this when handsome little guy has had. During his fifteen minutes of fame, Macnaughton starred in what is now thought about one"s that the greatest films of ours time, E.T., play the Elliot"s cool, older, athletic brother. Now? ns feel prefer that hair most likely says that all. Bleached out dreads room not ok Macnaughton. ~ landing a few small film roles, Robert left the wonderful human being of acting and also threw himself into things like negative hair and parenthood. That married actress (Bianca Hunter,) and together they have a cumulative four sons. The family members has live away indigenous the Hollywood lights for some time now, first in Pheonix, Arizona whereby Robert became a mail handler, (I didn"t even know the was an yes, really job,) and now in Jersey City, brand-new Jersey. Umm, best of luck in the mail dealing with biz.