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MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Criminal charges have been filed in link to the brutal death of a 12-year-old Milwaukee boy. Investigators say 53-year-old Andrez Martina admitted come "losing control" ~ above Sunday, Aug. 29, and beating his grandchild, Andre smith Jr., come death.

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On peak of the horrific details bordering this crime, throughout an interview with detectives, Martina allegedly admitted to another murder that happened in 1989. Martina claimed he wanted to talk v police and also has nothing to hide. 

The homicide that 12-year-old Andre Smith emerged Sunday, Aug. 29, close to 46th and also Hampton. According to a criminal complaint, Andre and his 8-year-old brother were staying at Martina"s house, who is their grandfather. Martina accused asked to have actually the guys sleep end so they can get school provides the following morning.


Illysha McCroy is Andre Smith"s grandmother, and has had complete custody the him since 2017. She stated Martina had actually just moved back to Milwaukee this summer, and also would view the children a couple times a week. 

"He just obtained in city in May," McCroy said. "I was offering him that chance." 

But the boys" mom says his long background of violence and his criminal record were well-known. He"d also served time because that murder. Currently he faces life in prison.

Andre"s mom Nakeda Martina said, "Why would anybody in their best mind take youngsters to a known murderer?"

According to a criminal complaint, Andrez Martina has five felonies ~ above his record, and also admitted to informing his grandchildren in the past, “if you lie, if you chaos up in school, if friend steal, i’m going to death you.”

McCroy said, "He inquiry me for the chance to get to understand his grandkids." She stated Martina "did have actually some issues, favor everybody else"s issues," however she still allowed Andre and also his brother to spend the night Saturday.

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According to a criminal complaint, Martina called investigators he woke up around 3 a.m. To use the bathroom, and noticed his wallet was open and money was missing. Martina claimed he saw the life room and confronted Andre and also accused him of taking his money. Andre accused turned his pockets inside out to display Martina the did not take his money. Martina called officials that"s when he smacked Andre repeatedly, demanding Andre get his money.

The criminal complaint claims in response, Andre checked out a cousin"s bedroom to retrieve the money. Once he returned, Martina allegedly started striking Andre again. The complaint states Martina recalled, "I"m not killing him, I"m simply bopping his ."

Investigators say Martina attempted to usage belts to hit Andre. Andre to be able to, in ~ one point, operation outside and also that"s when investigators speak Martina dragged the boy back into the house and continued come beat him through his mother"s wooden cane.

According to the criminal complaint, Martina proclaimed Andre knew he to be going to death him, yet caught what he stated to detectives and adjusted it to, Andre knew he to be going to beat him. Martina declared he didn"t know what rather to carry out in bespeak to acquire his money back.

Andre, according to the criminal complaint, had the ability to run to the bathroom and lock self inside. Martina called investigators he choose the lock open and also "lost it" top top Andre. The recalled shoving Andre with sufficient force that his head left a huge hole in the wall.

Martina’s mom -- who stays in the residence at 46th and Hampton -- called investigators she to be awakened by her son yelling at Andre. She said investigators she looked up and saw Martina striking Andre through a hammer almost everywhere his body, including his head and also back. She thought the brutal attack lasted an hour to an hour-and-a-half. Investigators made keep in mind in the criminal complaint, Martina’s mommy is disabled, make it daunting for her to intervene.

Investigators speak Martina "flashed forward" over time to as soon as he stopped beating Andre. The told officials the recalled seeing a lot of blood and put Andre"s body into the bathtub in an effort to wash the blood off him.

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According come the criminal complaint, Martina did no recall making use of a hammer come strike the boy. That did, however, admit to losing control. 

Andre"s 8-year-old brother was additionally injured throughout the incident. The criminal complaint states he endured a broken finger, bruising come his body and a laceration come the optimal of his head. 

Investigators detailed in the complaint, Martina recalled informing his grandchildren in the past, "if you lie, if you mess up in school, if girlfriend steal, I"m going to kill you." he told officials he believed the whole incident lasted indigenous 3 a.m. Until well ~ 8 a.m. 

Martina has been charged with the following: 

First level intentional homicidePhysical abuse that a child, repeated acts resulting in death Neglecting a child, consequence is death Physical abuse the a child, repetitive acts v high probability of great bodily harm Possession of a firearm by a felon 

Inside the home, law enforcement located methamphetamine pills, marijuana, and a firearm.