Omphaloceleis a birth defect in a baby’s abdominal muscle (belly) wall that develops prior to they room born. It is a rare condition causing one infant's intestines or other abdominal muscle organs, such as the liver and spleen, come stick external of the belly v the umbilical cord. These organs space covered v a thin, almost transparent sac, which is one of the methods omphalocele different from gastroschisis, a comparable defect.

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Typically, throughout week 6 to 10 the pregnancy, a baby’s intestines acquire longer and also push the end from the belly right into the umbilical cord. The intestines climate go ago into the belly by week 11.If this does not happen, one omphalocele occurs. An omphalocele have the right to be small, with only some that the intestines outside of the belly, or it deserve to be large or "giant", with countless organs exterior of the belly.

At the SSM health Cardinal GlennonSt. Louis Fetal treatment Institute, we know the anxiety and also worry you may have about a diagnosis of omphalocele. Our physicians are particularly trained to aid you and also your baby, offering the progressed monitoring and also treatment you need togive her baby the best start in life.

Currently, over there is no prenatal treatment for omphalocele. However, us monitor babies very closely throughout gestation and administer surgical therapy for omphalocele after your baby is born.

How is an Omphalocele Diagnosed during Pregnancy?

An omphalocele is generally diagnosed during a routine ultrasound as early as main 12. When you are described the Cardinal Glennon St. Louis Fetal care Institute, our team of professionals will execute an thorough evaluation to determine the size and severity of her baby’s omphaloceleand screen forthe opportunity of any other bear defects. This evaluation may include:

Detailed ultrasound: provides a visual testimonial of your farming baby’s anatomy, her womb and blood flowFetal MRI: supplied in addition to one ultrasound to gather an ext focused pictures of your farming babyFetal echocardiogram (echo): an ultrasound the assesses the duty of your baby’s heartKaryotype: a chromosome evaluation to recognize a possible genetic causeBlood or serum screenings

This considerable evaluation will help doctors identify the finest treatment for her baby.

Throughout her pregnancy, your nurse coordinator will arrange because that you to meet with team of professionals who will certainly monitor the health of you and your baby and plan the the safest birthing and treatment plan. This team will incorporate physicians, such as a maternal fetal medicine specialist, neonatologist and pediatric surgeon, along with a genetic counselor, social worker and also sonographer. Friend will additionally learn more about our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), whereby your baby will certainly be cared because that after delivery, and surgical fix of the omphalocele.

What are The Treatment options For Omphaloceles?

For small and medium-sized omphaloceles, a single operation to close the abdominal wall surface is commonly effective. Throughout this procedure, the pediatric surgeon very closely places the organs ago into the abdominal muscle cavity, climate closes the opened by pass the muscles together. Periodically a synthetic patch is required to near the feet in the abdominal muscle wall.

In instances of a large omphalocele, the procedure is an ext complex. Often there is no space in the abdomen to replace the organs. Together a result, the omphalocele sac is dressed favor a wound and enabled to heal, ending up being covered with skin end time. When covered through skin, the healing procedure to close the omphalocele can be a lengthy one, requiring a few operations over several months to years. This enables your baby to grow and also heal in between surgeries.

How will An Omphalocele affect My infant After Delivery and Surgery?

Depending ~ above the severity of the omphalocele, your baby may experience complications varying from mild come severe. If there are no other defects and the omphalocele is small, your baby is most likely to do an extremely well after ~ surgery and also develop normally. However, if the omphalocele is also accompanied by various other birth defects, symptom are more likely to occur.

About 30% the babies v omphalocele have actually a hereditary defect. This can influence a baby’s permanent development. Many likewise have heart defects, which may require surgery. Babies with big omphaloceles will likely have other challenges after birth, including obstacles with lung development and feeding. These problems can reason a require for mechanically ventilation, pipe feeding and a much longer hospitalization.If yourchild needs extra feeding support, the Glennon minister Rehabilitation and also Feeding (GIRAF) team can provide ongoing, coordinated treatment to ensure your child gets the the nutrition needed to grow and also develop.

From your very first appointment to her last, ours fetal and also baby experts at SSM health are accessible to care for you and also your baby’s facility needs. Ours multi-disciplinary team collaborates across our hospital to administer your infant the committed care they require.

We know that omphalocele have the right to be a scary diagnosis. That’s why we’re easily accessible to aid 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. For more information or come schedule one appointment, call us in ~ 314-268-4037 or toll free at 877-SSM-FETL (877-776-3385).

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While we can’t readjust the diagnosis, we can administer you professional care and support, helping your baby get the most out the treatment and also life.