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– The mother and uncle the a 4-year-old son who dropped out that a moving auto Tuesday did not realize the son was gone until other kids asked their mommy where their sibling went, follow to the Flagler ar Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office said four children, periods 4 come 9, were in a three-seat row of the sedan without any seat belts or auto seats once one of the children fell top top State road 100. Jacob Santos, the children uncle, was driving the car, and Desiree Rodriguez, the mother, to be seated in the passenger seat, officials said.

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Witnesses who saw the child autumn out that the auto called 911 and also said the automobile did not protect against to get the child, follow to deputies.

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According come the sheriff’s office, Santos and also Rodriguez claimed they to be heading to southern Carolina indigenous Miami once the mother fell asleep. She wake up up once the other siblings to be asking wherein the son was, authorities said.

“The back door was open, I see this kid fall out therefore I obtained over as fast as i could and went and grabbed him and also I’m sitting v him till someone gets here however nobody has come back,” a witness aid.

By the moment they went back to the area the child dropped out, responding deputies were at the scene v the child and witnesses. The sheriff’s office said deputies noticed “a strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle.”

Deputies said they discovered recently exhilaration marijuana, a bag with one gram the marijuana and also a bag v Xanax.

Santos is facing charges of son neglect, driving through a exposed license and also possession that marijuana under 20 grams.


Rodriguez is being charged v possession of a managed substance and child neglect.

Watch the human body camera video clip of the arrest below:

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