A 14-year-old boy has actually shot both his parental dead prior to taking his very own life after reportedly taking elafilador.netponent in a noble “Blue Whale” online suicide challenge.

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The occurrence took ar in the town of Lefkoniko in the Turkish Republic of northern Cyprus.

Local media, including respected day-to-day newspaper Sozcu, stated the family’s deaths were attached to a disturbing online “suicide game.”

Police have confirmed that the body of Ibrahim Cobanoglu, 52, and also wife Bengu Cobanoglu, 48, were uncovered dead in their residence after gift shot v a gun.

Meanwhile, their youngest son, who is suspected of transferring out the killings, was critically injured.

Neighbours to be alerted when the couple’s oldest son Eralp Cobanoglu, 18, ran to their home to hide since his brother had actually “gone berserk.”

They rushed over to the property and also found the 2 parents dead in their beds after gift shot in your sleep, follow to reports.

A 14-year-old boy has shot both his parents dead prior to taking his own life after apparently taking part in a sick online suicide challenge. Credit: Newsflash/Australscope

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Their other son, Cinar Cobanoglu, age 14, to be on the floor in a severe condition and also they called an ambulance.

Although the teenager was still alive on arrival, that later died at Burhan Nalbantoglu State Hospital, regardless of the ideal efforts of doctors.

Local media consisting of Sozcu claimed that the killing came after the youngster to be taking elafilador.netponent in the “Blue Whale Challenge.”

It apparently lures young, vulnerable human being into taking part in obstacles that end up being increasingly more daunting and dangerous and also then culminate with the demand that the player elafilador.netmits suicide.

Turkish police, who confirmed they are investigating the incident that emerged on January 8, claimed it was too early to elafilador.netment on the allegations widely published in Turkish media the it was affected by the sick fatality game.

The investigation continues.

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If you need aid in a crisis, call Lifeline on 13 11 14. For additional information about depression contact beyondblue top top 1300224636 or speak to her GP, neighborhood health expert or who you trust.


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