Bloomington, MN (KROC am News) - It’s been just over two years when a horrific story started in Minnesota.

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A man grabbed a 5-year-old young at the shopping center of America and also threw him turn off a third-floor balcony.

The young young survived but faced countless surgeries and also a long recovery period.

A family members friend has noted periodic to update on the progress of the boy known as Landen. She wrote the latest upgrade this past Monday, the second anniversary of the almost deadly incident:

APRIL 12, 2021by noah Hanneman, OrganizerTwo years ago, our household suffered an unimaginable tragedy in ~ the hand of a stranger. We are often asked come ‘share ours story’ around that day and also our trip since. We know world are curious and want to hear around our sweet boy and also our family, however that is no something we are all set or maybe to do at this time.

It has been a long journey to this two-year anniversary, and also it will continue to be a lengthy road the mental, physical and emotional recovery and healing – because that Landen and also our entire family. We are, however, therefore thankful to the Lord that Landen is through us and our family members is whole.

We also want to thank all of you who proceed to pray for united state each and also every day. You continue to give us hope and also show united state the Glory of God’s good love right here on earth.

Landen Hoffman remained in the hospital for 4 months, where he underwent lot of operations, including surgeries for two damaged arms and also a damaged leg, removal of his spleen, actions for fluid in his lungs and stomach, and for facial and also skull fractures. He likewise had a stent put in his liver.

A GoFundMe website that was developed for Landen and also his family members has raised more than $1-million.

The male who threw the young pleaded guilty come attempted murder and was sentenced come 19 year in prison.

News update: an additional night of confrontations in Brooklyn Center.

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