THE Sound of Music has actually lost tiny lustre for fans in the 56 years because its release, through its singing nuns, diabolical Nazis and wonderful scenery.

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But what occurred to the actors who played the Von Trapp family children?


The von Trapp kids with display dad Christopher Plummer in the 1965 movieCredit: Alamy

Charmian Carr: Liesl von Trapp

Despite Liesl being “16 walking on 17” in the film, the actor to be in reality 23 once she beat Mia Farrow and also Geraldine Chaplin come the desire role.

Charmian was hugely popular as Leisl von Trapp in the Sound of Music, but she retired from acting soon later on to progressive her two daughters and open her very own interior design store in California.

The actor and singer likewise wrote 2 books, Forever Liesl and Letters to Liesl.

Charmian died aged 73 in Los Angeles on September 17, 2016, indigenous complications associated to frontotemporal dementia.


Charmian Carr starred in ~ Liesl in the movie

Nicholas Hammond: Friedrich von Trapp

Nicholas, now 70, played the second child, 14-year-old Friedrich and unlike plenty of of his screen siblings, he continued to be in the exhilaration business.

In the so late seventies Nicholas take it the starring function in The impressive Spider-Man on TV, and also even showed up in Dallas, in 1982, play Bill Johnson.

The actor moved to Australia in the mid-1980s and now stays in Sydney, through the Australian actress Robyn Nevin.

In 2015, he starred in a mini-series ~ above Gallipoli together Henry Nevinson.

Nicholas has remained close to every his The Sound that Music co-stars and also was an extremely fond of Charmian Carr.


Nicholas Hammond is still exhilaration todayCredit: Getty

Heather Menzies: Louisa von Trapp 

Heather was born in Toronto and made her film debut, in ~ 13, together Louisa von Trapp.

She went on to star in assorted TV shows, including standard sci-fi series Logan’s run, in which she play Jessica. 

Heather likewise modelled for Playboy.

After a failed marriage to man Cluett she met her 2nd husband, actor Robert Urich, if making a corned beef commercial - lock married in 1975.

Heather later on stepped far from the limelight to raise her three kids. 

The mother and also grandmother passed away at the age of 68 ~ above Christmas Eve, 2017 ~ she was diagnosed with brain cancer. 


Heather Menzies to be Louisa the wilful 3rd child

Duane Chase: kurt von Trapp

Duane to be born in Los Angeles and also started exhilaration at the age of 11 but, after certification in The Sound that Music, the young child returned to school.

After High college Duane join the united States woodland Service, whereby he fought woodland fires, before going back to college to obtain a Master's degree in geology.

Now 70, Duane lives in Washington with his wife Petra Maria and also is returning to wildlife and also forestry job-related after time spent designing computer software for oil and also mining companies. 


Duane rather acting to become a computer system whizzCredit: Splash

Angela Cartwright: Brigitta Von Trapp

The only British von Trapp, Angela, 68, was born in Cheshire in 1952 however moved come the united state at a young age to show up in TV collection Make Room for Daddy.

After landing the function of Brigitta in the movie, at the period of 12, she go on to star in struggle TV collection Lost in room from 1965–1968 and also was actors in the tv movies Scout's respect in 1980.

She has been married come actor and also producer Steve Gullion for 44 years and also they have actually two children.

Angela’s acting career tailed off in the 1980s and she is currently an artist, displaying her work-related at Studio City, Los Angeles.

Brigitta to be played through Angela CartwrightCredit: Getty

Debbie Turner: Marta von Trapp 

Debbie Turner played six-year-old Marta von Trapp in the movie, the very first child to take to Maria.

Although she had actually been exhilaration in commercials native the period of six months, she gave up showbiz right after The Sound that Music to concentration on studying.

After graduating from college in California she worked in a ski resort wherein she met she husband stack Larson. Lock married in 1980.

The couple have four daughters and live in Minnesota where Debbie runs she own occasion design firm now well-known as Debbie Turner Originals.


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Kym Karath: Gretl Von Trapp

The cutest little von Trapp of the lot. Kym was six once she landed the role of Gretl however she was currently an established actor, having starred in Spencer's hill with Henry Fonda in ~ the age of three.

Karath has actually said she still is not fond of water after almost drowning in the boat scene in The Sound that Music, as she might not swim.

Karath graduated from the university of southerly California with a level in humanities, and shortly after the she relocated to Paris, France, wherein she studied art background and modeled. 

At the period of 26, she married Philippe L'Equilbec; their son was born in 1991.

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Karen left exhilaration for a while and also lived in Greenwich, Connecticut, prior to returning to the display in 2005.


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