When it involves the British royal family, part members are an ext visible than others. Because that example, anyone knows Queen Elizabeth II, heir come the throne Prince Charles, and younger royals Prince Harry and Prince William. But some can be surprised to learn that the Queen and also Prince Philip actually have 4 children: Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and also Prince Edward, every one of whom were newly spotted in ~ Princess Eugenie"s wedding.

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Here"s everything you need to know about her youngest son, Prince Edward, who provides an appearance in the 4th season the The Crown.

He"s the Queen"s youngest son.

Prince Edward was born on in march 10, 1964. At the moment of his birth, he was third in heat to the throne, behind his 2 older brothers, Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, but prior to his older sister Princess Anne. Now, he"s eleventh in the stimulate of succession, following the come of baby Archie.

Edward currently holds the title of Earl of Wessex and also Earl of Forfar, in addition to Prince.

Upon marriage, imperial princes regularly receive a dukedom native the monarch; however, top top Edward"s wedding day, the was offered the location of Earl the Wessex. The will reportedly take ~ above his father"s location of duke of Edinburgh ~ above Prince Philip"s death.

In march of 2018, he was also given the title of Earl the Forfar to usage in Scotland, together a date of birth gift native his mother.

Prince Edward is married come Countess Sophie née Rhys-Jones.



He"s currently a full-time royal.

After a stint in the marines and an attempt at a television production career, Edward is starting to take it over numerous of the responsibilities and also engagements of his father, Prince Philip, who announced his retirement native public duties simply a couple of years ago.

Both he and also his wife space rumored to it is in the Queen and Prince Philip"s favorites.

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They are just rumors, to it is in certain, yet the couple appears to have actually a special partnership with the Queen and also Prince Philip.

" is trusted and also relied on by the Queen in a means I couldn"t say used to the Duchess of Cambridge or the Duchess the Cornwall," a royal aide said the Daily Mail. "She is like another daughter to she Majesty, they are that close."

Similarly, a imperial insider said Express: "Edward has actually moulded into a quiet and efficient number who go not seek attention or get headlines. He and also Sophie are liked for being dutiful and also uncomplaining."

(It should likewise be noted that there is speculation the Prince Andrew is the Queen"s favorite, and also Princess ann is favored by her father, so who knows?)