On 3rd read through book three prologue and also I remembered every the methods I hate the Children. I think that is the zealotry, zealotness, zeal..... Well it is their misguided fervor to speak to everyone darkfriends i beg your pardon irratates me. I think papa Bornhold to be the ideal of them. Ready to think about people an ext than darkfriend at first glance. However even he was willing to quickly put to concern those he discovered suspious.

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My question is does anyone not hate the Children?

Observation: Not frequently do I review a series where a totality group of personalities have so much page time and also are therefore woven into the story as the children are. However be for this reason inconsequential come the plot. Ns think the is a an excellent example of people building. Or I may be means off.


There's not much an excellent to say around the kids as they're portrayed in the story. Yet I assumed the idea of one organization completely opposed to channeling was interesting, understandable and also could have been better explored.

Ironically, just true darkfriend they recorded was the nervous young Mat and Rand run right into from the publication 1, uneven I'm mistaken. And also Morgaese assumed he must have been innocent judging by his apperance and also nervous behaviour. Rj's irony.

They room neutral, because that me. I have actually some problems mainly with Jaichim Carridin at the begin of the series. Ns think his POV justification the hatred in the direction of "Evil Tar Valon Witches" is fully hypocritical, him gift an angry Dark friend himself. I might understand if that was just a display being placed out for the rest of the Children, however it is his personal opinion.

Other than him, i think most of the times we have POVs from the Children, the characters are very well constructed (Dain Bornhald, Byar, etc), being as blind together the school itself. If the 'cloaks to be in our reality, I doubt we'd see lot of the same world there, with much the very same motifs and blind devotion to the cause. Oh, wait. We do have actually them, they're called religious extremists.

Most dark friends space hypocrites though. The core suggest is every the dark friends, even most the the Forsaken, space deluding themselves. Just Ishamael really knows what is walking on, the is the only dark friend actually aligned v what the Dark One wants.

I in reality really preferred them! They were the very first organization with a firm grasp on tactics, actual foreign policy (let's dominate Almoth plain by making use of Taraboner and Arad Doman hatred versus each other) and they had some great points against Channeling. Because so numerous Aes Sedai to be Darkfriends, and many that the rest misused your power versus normal people, it yes, really does make sense to it is in cautious about the power.

Sure, there were a bunch of zealots in the ranks, like Byer, Valda, or Carridan, yet most civilization in WoT had major flaws. I really hated the sexism shown by most of the Aes Sedai, the crazed sadism the Seanchan had actually to your damane, the heaps the luck every the heroes had (Mat should've died by his 300th fight), and the stupidity that the Forsaken (We have countless power! Let's use it to ruin Rand's sleep).

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At the very least the youngsters resembled efficient real world medieval armies, v both the limitations and also strengths inherent.