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"89,000 youngsters were be separated from your parents under Obama" and "only 1,900 kids have to be separated under Trump."


A Facebook post falsely cases that a significantly higher number of children were be separated from your parents throughout the Obama administration than under president Donald Trump’s administration.

"Did you recognize 89,000 youngsters were be separate from their parents under Obama? just 1,900 children have been separated under Trump. This perfectly exposes the prejudice of the media," stated the Facebook article from Aug. 25, with almost 400 shares.

"Good come know," wrote one commenter.

The article was flagged as part of Facebook’s initiatives to combat false news and misinformation ~ above its News Feed. (Read much more about ours partnership through Facebook.)

The short article doesn’t particularly say "immigrant" kids — however the national conversation on separated families has centered on children and parents separated at the southwest border together a consequence of Trump’s "zero-tolerance" immigrant policy. The policy called for the beginning of immigrants that crossed the border illegally; as soon as adults came in with children, they to be separated by immigrant officials. Children were transferred over come the treatment of Health and also Human solutions Department, and also adults taken right into federal custody because that prosecution.

Generally, under Trump and other administrations, immigrant officials separate a son from one adult under three conditions: once authorities cannot create the custodial relationship, as soon as they believe that the custodian might be a threat to the child, or when the custodian is gift detained for prosecution.

Immigration professionals have said elafilador.net the immigrant household separations at the border during the Obama years did not happen at the scale that have under Trump’s "zero-tolerance" policy.

In November, Katie Waldman, a spokeswoman for the department of landscape Security, called elafilador.net that the Obama administration did not count the number of families separated.

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We don’t know where the Facebook article got its 89,000 figure. It’s feasible that it’s a reference to a different set of youngsters — youngsters who arrived on the border alone without a parental or a guardian rather than those be separated from your parents.