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Ever because Chilling Adventures that Sabrina debuted top top Netflix in October 2018, we’ve been spellbound by the deliciously dark, coming-of-age superordinary series.

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Based ~ above the Archie comic book collection of the very same name, the show centers roughly Sabrina Spellman, a half-human, half-witch teenager who is just start her dark education while do the efforts to maintain a normal life. Collection in the fictional town of Greendale, Sabrina, illustrated by Kiernan Shipka, must reconcile her double nature the fighting the evil pressures that threaten her and her family and also the daylight civilization humans inhabit

The series also stars Ross Lynch, Lucy Davis, possibility Perdomo, Michelle Gomez, Jaz Sinclair, Tati Gabrielle, Adeline Rudolph, Lachlan Watson, Gavin Leatherwood, Richard Coyle, Miranda Otto and Mckenna Grace as a young Sabrina in flashbacks.

As happy as we space to kiss 2020 goodbye, December 31 likewise marks the work Netflix releases component 4 and the series’ last eight episodes.

“I hope civilization found pleasure in the show and also I hope world found an escape in the show,” Shipka said ET. “And i hope the this present inspired world to come right into their very own power and be the many unapologetic variation of themselves.”

“I think every these personalities were offered such beautiful arcs, and every character adjusted and thrived so much and to the best version of us by the end of part 4. I hope that people who rode together with us feel like maybe they can do the in their own lives together well,” she added. “I hope parallels to be found, because I recognize I found them. So, i really hope that it really inspires human being to simply live fearlessly and also boldly and also kindly at the finish of the day.”

As us emotionally prepare for the collection finale, we space revealing some juicy keys from behind the scenes of the binge-worthy show. Check out seven shocking facts about Chilling Adventures that Sabrina below.



The show’s top lady was in her teens once the collection premiered on Netflix, making her the very first real-teen come play the teenage character, Sabrina Spellman, in a live-action TV series. Melissa Joan Hart, who portrayed the personality on Sabrina The Teenage Witch native September 1996, to may 2000, was entirely in her twenties as soon as she starred ~ above the beloved abc sitcom.



In this series, Sabrina’s pets cat, Salem, doesn’t speak or obtain as much display screen time together he walk in Sabrina The Teenage Witch. One of the reasons behind this change, besides the show pursuing a much darker tone, is the Shipka is in reality allergic to cats. At part point, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa also considered transforming Salem right into a dog.


The leading actors swapped hair colors

Shipka had actually long brown hair as soon as she did her first screen test for the function of Sabrina. She to be asked to come ago and do an additional screen check with quick blonde hair. After she adjusted her hair, she was offered the part. Ross Lynch, who was actors as Sabrina’s boyfriend, Harvey Kinkle, to be then asked to dye his hair brown, since the producers felt that he looked too similar to the Mad Men alum’s new blonde hair.



On Sabrina, Lucy Davis theatre Hilda Spellman, among Sabrina’s 2 witch aunts, who has actually a motherly nature and also warm sense of humor, and also is professional at unavoidable potions. Maybe the role was a perfect fit for has actually as the English actress formerly played a witch once she starred in the 1999 children’s TV show, Belfry Witches, together the mischievous Old Noshie.


SABRINA Subtly provides SHOUT-outS to other HORROR classics

The Netflix series pays homage come both the 1977 Italian mythological horror film, Suspiria, and the 1984 above slasher film, A Nightmare ~ above Elm Street. Eagle eyed fear fans will an alert the Spellman living room has actually the same color glass ceiling seen in Suspiria (which is also around a coven that witches) and also the scene through Harvey falling asleep through headphones on attract a crop top is homage come Johnny Depp’s personality in Elm Street.


A ideal Sabrina/Riverdale crossover nearly Happened

Originally in breakthrough at The CW, Sabrina was intended to be a companion collection to Riverdale, the wildly renowned teen television drama likewise based on personalities from the Archie Comics.The task was later on moved to Netflix with a straight-to-series bespeak bur the two mirrors stayed associated by occupying the exact same fictional universe. Sabrina’s town, Greendale, is introduced in the 2nd season that Riverdale. Adhering to that, several references to the 2 cities room made frequently in the two series, visually or through dialogues. In the an initial season of Sabrina, Moses Thiessen reprises his duty as Ben switch from Riverdale throughout an episode. In the illustration “Chapter Sixty-Seven: Varsity Blues” indigenous the fourth season that Riverdale, Ty hardwood reprises his duty as Billy Marlin from Sabrina.

In the illustration “Chapter Twenty-Three: heavy Is the Crown” indigenous the third part of Sabrina, the teenage witch and also her cousin visit Riverdale searching for a crown that was owned by Benjamin Blossom, one ancestor the Cheryl. On their way, they happen the town sign. Top top its back, Jughead Jones spray painted the message “JJ Wuz Here,” his signature. Three episodes later, a member the the Southside Serpents is attacked by Hilda Spellman.

Regarding a ideal crossover through the cast of characters, Aguirre-Sacasa admitted there was one plan for part 5 the the collection but the present was canceled back in July prior to fans can see that happen. Ugggh.

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THE display WAS sue BY Satanists

In November 2018, Satanic holy place activists sue the series’ production team end the usage of the Statue that Baphomet, i beg your pardon they insurance claim was a direct copy the their very own statue and also portrayed the temple in an inaccurate and also derogatory way. Holy place members were also concerned about the relenten of Satanists as cannibals practicing required worship. On November 21, 2018, it was shown that Satanic Temple and Netflix have amicably cleared up the lawsuit dispute, v the terms of the deal left undisclosed come the public.