China's new virus hospital all set for patients 10 days after building began

Feb. 3, 202001:04
A 1,000-bed hospital constructed in simply 10 days to manage the coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan, China, opened its doors to its an initial patients Monday.

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The Huoshenshan Hospital was constructed specifically to manage patients infected through the novel coronavirus that has sickened countless people and left an ext than 360 dead. That is top top the suburbs of Wuhan, a city with 11 million residents, wherein the outbreak is believed to have actually originated.

On Monday, the hospital — i m sorry covers 60,000 square meter (645,000 square feet) — invited its an initial patients, according to Chinese state media. There was no information around the patients or your conditions.

Construction began Jan. 24 with a crew that 7,000 human being working around the clock. Chinese state media carried live video of the building site and also showed the slim scale and also speed of the project.

A second dedicated hospital with 1,300 bed is likewise expected to be ready later on this week.

Medical equipment at the Huoshenshan temporary ar hospital in Wuhan.AP

China"s state news company Xinhua report Sunday the brand-new hospital has a capacity for 1,000 beds, intensive treatment units and also sections because that diagnosis and infection control.

Hundreds of doctors and also medical personnel have actually been drafted in native China"s military to treat patient at the hospital, Xinhua additionally said.

Many that the 1,400 medical specialists have functioned in the previous to treat significant acute respiratory tract syndrome, or SARS, i beg your pardon the new coronavirus is connected to, and also the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone and also Liberia, the company added.

Construction the the Huoshenshan hospital in Wuhan, China, on Jan. 24 and also Feb. 2, 2020.AFP - Getty Images

China main Television ~ above Monday quoted task manager Fang Xiang, whose team worked on the hospital, together saying the a task of this range usually takes at least two years.

"It bring away at the very least a month to construct a short-term building, no to point out a brand-new hospital for transmittable diseases," that said, according to CCTV.

China"s state CGTN network confirmed a video clip of number of workers who said they slept only two hours in 3 days while completing the construction of the hospital.

It’s no the an initial time China has had to develop a specialized medical facility on a chop deadline. During the SARS epidemic in 2003, a hospital in Beijing was built in just a week.

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Wuhan has been top top lockdown for nearly two weeks with countless its residents barred native leaving the city. The Chinese government has not yet signaled when the lockdown might be lifted.