A massive trove of brand-new images from the dark side of the moon have actually been released by China’s room agency, noting one year in space.

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China has actually released a enormous collection of brand-new images from the dark next of the moon, as its recent lunar mission enters its second year.

The Chang’e-4 mission (named after ~ the Chinese Moon goddess) landing in the Von Kármán crater in January last year, the first successful exploration to the Moon’s much side.

The Chang’e-4 lander and Yutu-2 rover room studying the surface of the Moon elafilador.nete learn more about the formation of the solar system and also the Earth.


On Monday, China’s Lunar expedition Program (CLEP) and also China National room Administration (CNSA) released much more than 20 gigabytes that images and data built up over the program’s first year ~ above the Moon.

The collection consists of images of the lander itself and pictures from elafilador.netponents of the Moon we’ve never ever seen before.


Prior elafilador.nete Chang’e-4, lunar objectives have concentrated on the near side that the Moon (i.e. The one closest elafilador.nete Earth).

Travelling to the dark next of the Moon needs a connect with a satellite to send information ago to Earth, i m sorry China sent out into space back in 2018.

NASA technician Doug Ellison typically works on that agency’s Mars missions, but he has actually been going with the newly released images from China’s agency, processing and sharing lock on his Twitter account.

He likewise elafilador.netpiled images to produce this video clip of Chang’e-4 landing on the moon.

Slowly downloading the number of thousand frames from the Chang"e 4 Landing Camera (LCAM). I"m specifically fond that this as it"s 1024 x 1024 and greyscale (same together MSL/MER ECAM) This is in approx actual time playing earlier at 10 fps that the first 1000 or so. Thousands more to go. Pic.twitter.elafilador.net/zLTawDvvWX

— Doug Ellison (

The CNSA said the lander and also rover have actually both surpassed their design lifespan but are quiet functioning well after entering their 14th Lunar Day.

A lunar work lasts for about 14 days on Earth.

The lander and also rover power under for the long, cold and dark nights.

Later this year, China plans to send that is Chang’e-5 mission, i m sorry is aimed at collecting samples from the Moon and also bringing them earlier to Earth, i beg your pardon hasn’t to be done in over 4 decades.

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