according to the Chinese zodiac, the upcoming year will be complete of optimism and is thought to be a year in which anything have the right to happen; making las Vegas the quintessential location to celebrate.

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Wynn las Vegas and also Encore in ~ Wynn ras Vegas (pictured)At Wynn las Vegas, three, 800-pound Tang empire horse sculptures will be on display through Feb. 14. The nine-foot-tall, 10-foot-long steeds were produced by master sculptor Sillipachai “Mod” Toonrud that FORTE Specialty building contractors in las Vegas, and also are painted red and also gilded in yellow leaf.Also, the atrium in ~ Wynn las Vegas and the enntrance gate of Encore in ~ Wynn ras Vegas room decorated through sculptures specialized to welcome the Year the the Monkey. In addition, both many hotels will offer guests a Chinese new Year suffer through the classic lion and dragon run ceremony. The dance starts in ~ the southern Valet enntrance gate of Wynn las Vegas and concludes that is festive and entertaining present at the front desk of Encore in ~ Wynn las Vegas, ensuring guests of both hotels the possibility to watch the timeless dances.MGM will InternationalBellagio’s Conservatory & factory Gardens celebrates the Year that the Monkey v a spirited display now through March 12. The display’s colorful centerpiece functions a garden representative of monkeys and also their herbal habitat. A family members of 12 Macaque primates can be seen atop a 14-foot mountain working together and using your intelligence and creativity to reach the peaches descending indigenous the sky.At the Conservatory’s entrance, six vibrant Chinese kids topiaries play on each side of the moon gate bridge over a calm pond filled v Koi fish. The children are each comprised of 5,000 flower stems, including red, purple and yellow carnations and green and also yellow spider mums.The phibìc Garden functions a stunning 18-foot tall Chinese money tree make of 384 sparkling gold coins, weighing a complete of 3,000 pounds. The basic of the tree is surrounding by four-foot tall Ingot fountains and I-Ching coins. Surge water from the fountains descends on the money tree to save it strong and vibrant.The Conservatory is free and open to the public 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.ARIA will & CasinoBeginning, Feb. 4, ARIA will & Casino’s key lobby will pleasure visitors through celebratory décor in respect of the Year of the Monkey. Upon entrance to the lobby, guests will certainly be greeted by a 229-foot dragon weaving its way through swarm of Chinese lanterns and also around the money tree made up of 88 gold coins. This spectacle additionally will be seen during the dragon and also lion dance Feb. 8.The Shops at CrystalsThe Flower Carpet on the first floor that The Shops in ~ Crystals attributes a 12-foot-tall, illuminated and golden-coated monkey located atop a bed of gold coins if holding a peach. The West Carpet features a Buddha sculpture surrounded by 50 citrus trees and also 500 orchids. A full of 1,000 bromeliads, red and yellow mums and birds swarm ferns were supplied throughout the two gardens at The Shops at Crystals.The Venetian and also The PalazzoGuests may kick-off the Chinese new Year with a ceremonial lion dance complete with firecrackers and also eye paint ceremony at The Venetian. The high-energy and traditional parade of dancers and also drummers, pull in really clothing, will certainly wind its means through the resort circling everyone to carry them great luck and prosperity for the new Year. The run will begin at 3 p.m. ~ above Feb. 8 in The Venetian porte cochere.Also, The Palazzo"s Waterfall Atrium and also Gardens boasts a display anchored through a five-foot, 300-pound Monkey King seated at the base of a 38-foot wishing tree and sporting a chest plate adorned with an ext than 8,000 hand-sewn yellow coins. Playing amongst the wishing tree"s 8,000 branches of gold foliage: 28 mischievous monkeys, each with a hand-painted face.To include to the festivities, The cool Canal Shoppes at The Venetian will be holding a classic Chinese fan dance top top Feb. 8, at 4 p.m. Above the waterfall. During and after the fan dance, much more than 500 red envelopes will certainly be spread to guests. The envelopes will certainly be filled through a compensation -- anything indigenous a gift card to a coco gold coin. Red envelopes space traditionally handed out during Chinese new Year and symbolize happiness and also wealth.On Feb. 13 and also 14, actor and TV personality Hacken Lee will certainly reunite through singer and actress Joey Yung after ~ an 11-year hiatus. These wildly well-known entertainers from Hong Kong have actually won many awards and also will elegant the phase for a one-of-a-kind concert collection in The Palazzo Ballroom in ~ The Venetian.Caesars entertain The Forum Shops in ~ CaesarsAs a legendary creature and great luck symbol, the illuminated dragon display screen once again shines in ~ The Forum Shops at caesars Palace. Standing in ~ one foot high and 22 feet wide, the dragon is covered in 30,000 red and amber LED lights, flickering vibrantly top top its perch behind gold and velvet fencing. Students native The Meadows school will perform a timeless dragon parade roughly The Forum Shops on Feb. 8 through special guest, las Vegas market Carolyn Goodman.The Colosseum at caesars PalaceLegendary pop and also folk singer Tasi Chin graces the stage at The Colosseum at caesars Palace for one night only, Feb. 12 at 10 p.m. “Tsai Chin: Chinese new Year Concert las vegas 2016” features a mixture of she signature Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese songs.The Linq Hotel & CasinoOn Feb. 9, The Linq Hotel and also & Casino opens the Chinese new Year celebration v a new Year’s ribbon cutting, live yes, really dragon dances, an eye painting ceremony and also performers dressed in sophisticated costumes. Dragon run performances by Lohan school of Shaolin will certainly be organized nightly at 7 p.m. And also 2:30 p.m. On Feb. 14.Mandarin Oriental, ras VegasMandarin Oriental, ras Vegas will ring in the Year the the Monkey ~ above February 8, 2016 in ~ 11 a.m. Through a festive Yusheng Toss, influenced by the age-old tradition.Meant come bring good luck, health and happiness in the brand-new Year, participants will come with each other to “toss” a dish made up of ingredient that stand for a happy life in a delightful and delicious celebration of an excellent fortune. The food is traditionally comprised of life fish for abundance, shredded carrots because that blessings and an excellent luck, environment-friendly radish because that eternal youth, white radish for prosperity in business and other ingredients to bring all at once happiness and wealth come those that toss and also consume the classic dish.Special guest, Dr. Katie Zhong, senior Director the Clinical research study and development for the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo center for mind Health, will preside as Guest of respect at the event.The Cosmopolitan of las VegasThe "dotting that the dragon"s eye" is taken into consideration as among the most crucial events throughout the Chinese new Year. While hosted at many Las las vegas properties, The Cosmopolitan of las Vegas will amplify the traditional event as 30 performers will awaken the dragon and lions by dotting their eyes through red paint. As quickly as the eyes have actually been dotted, the dragon will certainly officially come alive and begin twisting and turning as it leads the lions throughout the casino floor.Aside from the dotting ceremony, The Cosmopolitan of las Vegas also welcomes the “Lucky Cat.” The "Lucky Cat" have the right to be uncovered on the casino floor in the form of a nine-foot high interactive art exhibit. The cat is designed come bring great fortune because that those curious enough to touch the lucky Cat"s paw, i beg your pardon dispenses a happiness card as soon as the paw is touched. As an included bonus, a few lucky guests will receive a gold ticket because that a as soon as in a life time experience at the The Cosmopolitan of las Vegas.Also, top top Feb. 13, The Cosmopolitan of las Vegas will organize Xuân Yêu Thương, an event with to chat icons, consisting of Dam Vinh Hung, Thu Phuong, Tran Thu Ha, Quang Linh, Duy Manh, Lam Vu, Phuong Trang, Quang Toan, Khanh Di, Phuong vu, Tan Hy Khanh, Viet Huong, Hoai Tam, DCP Dancers and MC Thanh Tung.Gold coastline Hotel and CasinoThe Gold shore Hotel and also Casino will host their annual lion run on Feb. 18 at 7:30 p.m. And also 10 p.m., carry out by the Lohan institution of Shaolin. As in years past, the parade will certainly wind v the casino floor and include the ceremonial lettuce toss and numerous social decorations come celebrate the Year of the Monkey.Las vegas Chinatown PlazaThe las Vegas Chinatown Plaza will organize a day of Chinese brand-new Year celebrations through authentic oriental food indigenous Canton, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Japanese, Hong Kong and also Hawaiian cuisines. In addition to the food, guests deserve to watch cultural performances such as the Lion & Dragon dances, Chinese martial arts and many traditional eastern dance performances. The celebration starts at 10 a.m. Top top Feb. 21.Chinese new Year in the DesertFor the first time, Chinese new Year in the Desert will certainly be hosted in multiple areas over a one-week period. Participating venues include: The LINQ Promenade, The Boulevard Mall, Downtown Container Park, Fashion show Mall, ras Vegas Natural history Museum and also The Forum Shops at caesar Palace.On Feb. 13, in ~ 11 a.m., the 5th annual Chinese brand-new Year in the Desert will certainly excite onlookers with the las Vegas spring Festival Parade as it winds with Downtown ras Vegas. Fill with imaginative floats, traditional holiday costumes and also lively dancing, the parade will certainly make its way down Fremont Street and end through a party at the Downtown Container Park.Other Chinese brand-new Year in the Desert experience include:The Hunan Provincial Song and Dance Theatre agency will do a timeless lion dance, model traditional and contemporary Chinese attire and showcase social performances featuring talented singers, musicians and also acrobats in ~ the Fashion show Mall top top Feb. 12.Local businesses, organizations, bands, drill teams, and dance teams will come together on Fremont Street come celebrate the Chinese Lunar new Year through extravagant floats in vibrant colors come commemorate the most vital holiday the the eastern community. The Fourth annual Las vegas Spring Festival Parade will certainly be open to the public on Feb. 13 at 11 a.m.Immediately adhering to the parade, guests deserve to take part in the ~ Party at Downtown Container Park, one open-air shopping facility filled v boutique sleeve shops, distinct restaurants, live entertainment and also an interactive playground special The Treehouse.Also, to commemorate the Lunar Lantern Festival, i beg your pardon officially ends the Chinese new Year celebrations, students of Clark County college District will construct document lanterns significant with their “wish” for 2016. Guests and also onlookers are invited to stop and also build their own totally free lantern.Decadent Chinese new Year DiningHakkasan in ~ MGM Grand is serving delectable dishes concerned the 2016 Chinese new Year ideals that joy, luck and also prosperity. Guests might enjoy a double boiled new ginseng and chicken soup, wok-fried lobster in spicy truffle sauce, Pipa duck, grilled Chilean seabass or Hericium mushroom stir-fry.

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Guests can likewise enjoy a dessert and cocktail motivated by the Year of the Monkey. The gold Halo dessert is a banana and also peanut cake, if the 9 Hóu cocktail comprises nine materials representing the monkey’s nine position top top the zodiac, including Bacardi Maestro de ron, sherry, banana liqueur and guava.ARIA resort & Casino companies Craig Schoettler, will attribute the well-known Chinese spirit, Baijiu, for the holiday. Baijiu, a distilled spirit from Sorghum with a rich, potent floral aroma, is a traditional beverage dating ago a thousands years through rich root in culture and celebration. Kweichow Moutai, the most popular spirit in China, is a brand that Baijiu that has actually been fermented because that 40 days, distilled seven times and blended through 200 various base spirits from Moutai in the Guizhou province, giving it a unique and also distinct flavor profile. Ranges of the heart will be easily accessible by the shot and bottle as well as featured in specialty cocktails at Blossom and also the Baccarat Lounge.Authentic Chinese cuisine can also be discovered at:MR CHOW at caesar Palaceo Offers really traditional Beijing dishes favor the Beijing Duck, steamed Sea Bass and also MR CHOW noodles are standard dishes.Hong Kong Café at The Venetian o cook Simon come will sell a unique limited-time menu to memory Chinese brand-new Year. A range of authentic key on the special food selection include: Roasted Pork Belly; Firecracker Manila Clams, infused through Chinese white wine, fish paste, and spicy roasted pepper; and Winners everyday Soup.Blossom at ARIAo Guests can enjoy a one-of-a-kind Cantonese Dim sum menu, February 5-12, 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., special signature bowl such as Steamed BBQ Pork Bun and Bird’s nest Egg Custard. The restaurant additionally will be open for dinner 5:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. Offering its constant menu items.