The kind 99 tank have the right to track just arrive warheads and anti-tank missiles indigenous 100 meter away and shoots two little interceptors in ~ incoming missiles. Credit: Military-Today.com.

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In armed forces terms, your greatness in fight is measured against the strength of your opponent — and China’s form 99 MBT (Main fight Tank) is no slouch.

Sporting a bigger gun 보다 the united state M1 Abrams and most various other NATO tanks, the Defense Intelligence company described the capabilities of Chinese armor in a 2018 report.

“The PLA is modernizing that is armored devices by fielding third-generation tanks v updated armor packages, larger-caliber cannons, enhanced fire-control systems, and advanced electronics and communications. The most capable of these tanks room the type 96A and form 99 main fight tank.” 

Chinese weapons technology has in the past drawn heavily from other designs (often those that the Soviet Union), yet much the China’s hardware is coming to be more totally Chinese-made, according to a report through Caleb Larson at The national Interest.

This press towards a totally Chinese product has come a lengthy way, although construct quality and reliability might still be an issue, the report said. 

The Office that the Secretary that Defense concurred, speak in 2019 the “China can produce ground weapon solution at or near world-class standards; however, high quality deficiencies persist v some exported equipment, i m sorry is limiting China’s capability to generally expand fiddle markets.” 

The form 99 was designed and also built through Norinco, a Chinese state-owned defense company. What they’ve to be able to carry out with the type 99 is impressive. 

In comparison to the majority of NATO countries, which generally have 120 millimeter main guns, the kind 99 has a slightly larger 125 millimeter cannon through an autoloader. The autoloader is responsible for reducing the crew to three. 

The type 99 comes equipped through a 1,500-hp diesel engine. Because of its fairly low weight (the form 99 weighs roughly 55 tons, conversely, the heaviest M1 Abrams variant advice the scale at over 70 tons), the form 99 enjoys good mobility, the report said.

Norinco additionally developed the improved Type 99A variant in the mid-2000s. Although both the 99 and 99A are quite similar, the turret armor to be improved.

The Abram’s Rheinmetal 120mm gun, equipped through M829 depleted-uranium rounds, have the right to penetrate around 15-25% much more armor. Credit: Handout.

The form 99 has composite panel armor and also appliqué Explosive-Reactive armor (ERA) panels that could probably loss tandem-charge warheads, the report said.

It also has an active protection system, referred to as the GL5 energetic Protection System.

We room told it can track just arrived warheads and anti-tank missiles native 100 meter away and also shoots two tiny interceptors in ~ incoming missiles. Many models room equipped with a 12.7 mm heavy device gun, and a coaxial 7.62 medium device gun.

Could one unleashed kind 99 hold its own versus a meaner-than-a-junkyard-dog M1 Abrams? the is a valid question.

The M1 Abrams is an American third-generation MBT called for general Creighton Abrams.

The Abrams’ Rheinmetal 120mm gun, equipped with M829 depleted-uranium rounds, have the right to penetrate approximately 15-25% an ext armor — that much we perform know.

The Abrams likewise uses a fourth crewmember to fill the gun, i beg your pardon Americans argue is an ext reliable, provides a higher rate that fire and also gives the tank a preventive hand if among the other crew members is incapacitated, the report said.

However, the room needed to accommodate a fourth crew member makes the M1 larger and also heavier.

The form 99 have the right to fire anti-tank missiles indigenous the pistol tube, while the Abrams cannot. This might theoretically be useful for combat against low-flying helicopters.

It’s likewise the most nimble, able come sprint up to 50 mph on roads, vs 42 mph because that the M1 Abrams, and, it has a greater variety before refueling (300 mile vs. 24o miles), the report said.

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On paper, the form 99 is imposing, no question, while the Abrams has actually been exported come several international operators and also has checked out action.

Battle tested weapons constantly have the advantage, however this fight might come under to the far better trained crew.

To quote legend tank commander, Gen. George S. Patton: “Courage is are afraid holding on a minute longer.”