We want to welcome you come our restaurant that we have owned and operated due to the fact that January 2000. Our family members is indigenous Fu Jian China and have stayed in Michigan because that over 20 years.

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You can publication a table online conveniently in simply a pair of minutes. We take bookings for lunch and also dinner, just examine the ease of access of your table & book it now!

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Teriyaki Chicken (4)



Black Pepper Tenderloin


I love the employee there! The food is constantly good, the buffet is the finest around. I additionally enjoy the sometimes take the end from over there also. They are adding an ext and an ext exciting drinks to their bar menu! i say lug your friends and also family and also enjoy part wonderfully tasty food!

- Brian S.

As always had one A+ experience, v the ideal buffet available and of course an excellent, rapid take out order experience. Every workers room professional and also nice.

- Michael B.

I have been eat here because I was a child, and also it never ever disappoints. The food is always fantastic, and really consistent. The owners and also staff are an extremely welcoming.

- daniel R.

My family and also I reap dining here often. The buffet is always fresh and also well stocked. The staff and owner room a satisfied to interact with, giving excellent service. We love coming here, finest in Traverse City!

- Darren M.

Follow our latest news updates come know around our offers and events. We love to share about Chinese culture, holidays, and special offers that you can take benefit of at our restaurant.

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New Website!

After a couple of month of hard work, China Fair has a brand-new website! now you deserve to make appointments online v our website quick and easy.


Online Reservations currently Available

We welcome you to setup your following lunch or dinner event with us!

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Buffet punch Cards

China Fair wants to price our regular customers with our lunch and also dinner buffet punch cards. Buy 9 and get your 10th buffet free!