In 2015, 87-year-old Liang Xiuzhen native Sichuan, China, visited physicians with a five-inch horn farming from the top of she head. It supposedly began about eight year prior together a black mole. But sometime in 2013 the mole cracked open and also the horn started to sprout. Doctors couldn’t diagnose it, and shortly after ~ it fell off. Then another horn took its place and also grew lot faster.

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This new growth was established to it is in a cutaneous horn, i m sorry is created of the same substance as fingernails, referred to as keratin. Most cases are harmless, though doctors were skeptical to remove Liang’s fearing it might have been cancerous.

Amazing as it sounds, Liang isn’t alone in the civilization of human horns. In fact, other elders indigenous China have actually made headlines in current years v their own outstanding growths.

In 2010, a 101-year-old Chinese grandmother named Zhang Ruifang gained fifteen minutes of fame for having actually two horns sprouting from she forehead. The first horn had measured virtually 2 ½ inches, when the 2nd had just started to grow. While many would be much less than pleased with such a development, she was supposedly thrilled about it and also refused supplies to have the horns removed.


Human horns top top 101-year-old Zhang Ruifang

In October 2007, 95-year-old Xiou Ling flaunted a 6 ½-inch horn that jutted the end of her forehead and also curled bottom over her face. It had been growing for 4 years.

A month later, 93-year-old Ma Zhong Nan got hold of headlines for the 4-inch horn farming on the height of his head. That hadn’t thought lot of it until it obtained itchy, at which allude he decided to look for help.

Human horns space hardly a brand-new phenomena. In 1930, Robert Ripley carried a Manchurian farmer named Wang to the world’s attention under the moniker, “The human being Unicorn.” Wang—who sported a 13-inch protrusion ~ above the earlier of his head—had to be exhibiting himself v a team of Chinese fakirs when a Russian banker snap a photo and also sent it to Ripley.


Wang, a Chinese farmer from Manchuria, had a 13-inch horn protruding indigenous the ago of his head. Ripley’s think It Or Not! featured this photograph in 1930.

Unfortunately for Ripley, a picture was every he would ever before get. Ripley spent years offering a big reward to anyone who could track Wang down and bring him come America. Yet the horned farmer confirmed as elusive as a real unicorn and also was never ever to be found again.

A year prior to Wang’s discovery, Ripley had written around a 16th-century man named Francis Trovillou, better known together the Horned guy of Mezieres.

According come a publication published in 1869, The publication of exorbitant Characters: Memoirs and Anecdotes the Remarkable and also Eccentric people in every Ages and also Countries, by Henry Wilson and James Caulfield, Trovillou’s horn began growing in ~ the period of 7. It prolonged from his forehead and also bent backwards. By the time he to be 35, “this horn had both the bigness and also the resemblence of a ram’s horn.”


This portrayed human horn, as watched in “Anomalies and Curiosities that Medicine” is based turn off a wax model.

Madame Dimanche, a 19th-century Parisian woman, started growing a special horn from her forehead once she was in her seventies. “At first, the old woman hadn’t well-known what to make of the strange brown nub that showed up like one ashy smudge in the center of her head,” to write Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz in Dr. Mutter’s Marvels, “but she knew come hide the from view, starting a decade-long habit of avoiding eye contact. Yet the nub flourished relentlessly, larger and also larger, until it was together thick and also dark together a tree branch.” The horn reached over she face and also eventually achieved a length of virtually 10 inches. Happily for Dimanche, creative French surgeon properly removed it v an early type of plastic surgery. A wax design of she pre-surgery confront was acquired by Dr. Thomas Dent Mütter during a visit come Paris and have the right to be seen this particular day at the Mütter Museum of the university of medical professionals of Philadelphia.

Many cases of human horns are documented in the 1894 book, Anomalies and Curiosities that Medicine, by George Gould, M.D., and Walter Pyle, M.D. “Probably the most remarkable case of a horn was that of Paul Rodrigues, a mexico porter,” lock wrote, “who, native the upper and lateral component of his head, had a horn 14 customs in circumference and divided into three shafts, i beg your pardon he surprise by constantly put on a peculiarly shaped red cap.”

While the bulk of horns seemingly show up on the head, Gould and also Pyle additionally reported several situations of penile horns. One of these very unfortunate men prospered his horn in ~ the period of 52. He had actually been circumcised four years earlier—which seems painful and disturbing enough—only to have a small horn “the dimension of a marble” grow where the wound healed.

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The book additionally lists instances of horns farming on the arms, legs, buttocks and also nipples.