“Child health Investment Partnership was my partnerin elevating my children, ns think of them together family, alifeline once I essential it the most.”




CHIP connect caretakers and their children

with medical professionals to boost the wellness of each child


CHIP promotes the wellness of medically underserved youngsters by

ensuring an extensive health care, strengthening families

and also coordinating ar resources.

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CHIP’s vision is the every child will have actually equal accessibility to wellness care and enter school ready to learn. In order to accomplish this,

We believe that:

Families have a right to live in a world complimentary from fear, violence, and also discrimination, and have distinct experiences and needs that room important and also valuable.

We know that:

Racial and economic disparity has life threaten consequences.

As a field committed to partnering v families, we room asking girlfriend to sign up with us as we jointly lift our voices against the racial inequities and also injustice that pester our country.

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So, CHIP family members let’s talk. Stop talk about the elephant in the room, racism. There have been 3 recent events of police brutality, yet we recognize these occasions happen all the time everywhere this country to unnamed individuals, and most often to Black and Latinx people. CHIP stands with you in speak no more! CHIP stands through you in dismantling systemic racism that affects every component of you and also your children’s lives! We only ask because that patience as we find out strategies to be more culturally aware and check our blind spots because that implicit biases. We watch you, us hear you, and we are right here to assistance you!

Today we make a commitment come lift ours voices together those who have been silenced.

Link to an article around talking to children around racism and violence:


Understanding of her Child’s breakthrough and experience of Race: