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Silos are huge metal structures used to store farmed crop like grains, and also that’s where the name Magnolia sector at the Silos come from. Currently renovated come resemble the iconic format of HGTV’s Fixer upper stars, the previous 1800s farming hub quiet holds true to the history of Waco, Texas. Food trucks, a bakery featuring Joanna Gaines’ recipes, gardens, and also of course Magnolia sector has lugged the old buildings back to life, and also are do this city a significant tourist attraction. If you room a vast fan of the show, this might be a really cool location to visit, therefore we’ve rounded increase the best places come stay.

La Quinta Inn & Suites Waco Downtown Baylor

This no your everyday La Quinta, upgrades galore justify the mid 200’s price tag, together does the location. Rooms space designed with bright colors and also high-end bathrooms, when beds room ultra fluffy and also comfy. The swimming pool area sits outdoors, however under a swanky pavilion like the one at Hotel Indigo. Seriously, that something out of an elevation boutique hotel. The gym is large and leans much more on the side of being a wellness club, v ample room and devices for a sufficient workout. Breakfast is served hot in a big area v plenty of options.

Home2 Suites through Hilton Waco

Managing to price at almost a heavy 5 top top TripAdvisor, this option is not just affordable, but one of the nicest chain many hotels in the Waco area. In enhancement to a nice outdoor swimming pool space, there’s a fire pit too. Full kitchens, free laundry and also a gym do Home2 Suites a fantastic option for longer stays, and also mornings are kicked off v a quite breakfast selection like warm sandwiches.

Bed and also Breakfast on White rock Creek

Located in a beloved wooded area, this little bed and also breakfast feels secluded, when still gift close come everything. Rooms are very traditional with numerous floral patterns and also true “inn” style. A calming front porch houses many rocking chairs and also relaxing views. Breakfast provides quite a spread of homemade goodies indigenous egg dishes come breads, and also it’s simply the thing to gain the day turn off on a good foot.

Hotel Indigo Waco-Baylor

Rooms space extra plush v fluffy beading, towel headboards and sleek walk-in showers. Hotel Indigo locations usually sit top top the an ext luxurious side, and also the one in Waco drops in line. On-site dining gets an A+, featuring fresh inspired dishes prefer Fresca tacos, steak entrees and nachos—the drinks are awesome too. The extended pool area is small, but downright dreamy when still gift exposed to the exterior air. A Jacuzzi is nestled right alongside the pool itself, and also there’s an accenting fountain water feature.

Comfort Suites Waco North

Modern an easy rooms meet all your needs, and also the vivid patterns in the commons area are vibrantly pleasant. A tiny indoor pool attributes a waterfall wall feature and jacuzzi, making for a nice place to spend extra time. The practice room is above sufficient and is a wonderful enhancement to an currently “above expectation “ chain hotel. And also you absolutely need to love the Texas shaped waffles served for breakfast, together eggs, potatoes and also other morning staples.

Stunning indigenous the moment you pull approximately the grand mansion estate, Colcord residence Bed and also Breakfast was built in the 1920s and has been operating for over 20 years as one elegant inn. You only 5 minutes from significant attractions in Waco, including the magnificent Magnolia sector at the Silos. Come reap the beautiful former porch while girlfriend sip ~ above afternoon wine.

While rooms encompass everything you’d require for a memorable vacation, the greatest highlight is its remarkable pool area and traditionally elegant grounds. As well as the pool, outside areas feature a fire pit and also plenty of lush foliage, while sitting right along a river. Breakfast and night time snacks are simply a pair of bonuses while remaining at the recently renovated location.

So this is clear the most sought after ar when visiting Magnolia Market, however it’s not simple task snagging a remain in this lovely country chic home, i beg your pardon sleeps eight. Potential guests will require to publication early—we’re talk a few months early. Keep in mind the house isn’t right in Waco—you’ll have a quick drive to get to the market. Another option owned by the Gaines’ is the pristine Hillcrest Estate, which is in town.

While hotels room going to it is in the much more abundant resource of accommodation, Airbnb does function several residences that you could recognize if a pan of Fixer Upper. A beautiful shotgun house, which to be renovated in the show, can be rented out and also is one awesome means to invest your time in Waco. A perform of other residences that loss in line v the very same stunning aesthetic, and some gorgeous lofts, have the right to be rented v the site as well. While much more pricey, you will uncover renting a house or personalized loft to it is in a fitting means to lodge throughout the trip.

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