If this is your very first trip to Waco or you have been numerous times, Brazos Tours must be on your “to do” list. View the custom homes, shops, and history of Waco during this 2.5 hour tour. Friend never understand where we could stop!

"For any kind of Chip and also Joanna Gaines pan this tourism is a have to do, appropriate after going come Magnolia.” - Susan M.

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"Debating that to tourism Waco with? controversy no more! Brazos tours is the way to go." - Darla F.

"This substantial tour is a need to DO when visiting Waco." - Holly B.

"This was hands down THE best part of our expedition to Waco!" - Pam H.


YOU might EVEN gain TO GO within A residence DONE on THE SHOW!

You will certainly see plenty of of the homes, shops (like Harp Design), and also historical landmarks featured on the show, upcoming projects, and also make stop for photograph opportunities. Sometimes you also get to walk inside among the homes. friend never recognize what will happen on Brazos Tours!

$39 per person | $35 per person with 5 or much more adults | $35 children 12 and under

(Taxes and fees not included)

Tour times Mon-Sun 10:30 am and also 2:00 pm, Newly included Mon-Sun 10:00 am and also 1:30 afternoon (based ~ above availability)

Pick increase | drop Off: Hilton Hotel (meet in prior lobby), 113 S college Parks Dr


Group journey Along

Coming through a group and also have your very own bus?We deserve to ride along and also give girlfriend the tour. Call us because that details and pricing.

Private Tours

If friend are in search of a customized and also special Waco experience,let Brazos Tours execute it because that you. Call us because that details and also pricing.


Haunts & Legends of Waco Tour

Brazos tours is proud to sell the only mobile haunted tour in Waco, TX. You will hear of various haunts and legends, and also will even experience some of them yourself! whether you space a believer, a skeptic, or what in in between - this tour will certainly be intriguing, interesting, and also of course, very, an extremely spooky.


HGTV Fixer upper Three little Pigs house

If friend are searching for a location to stay while in Waco look no further. We are excited to announce our newest acquisition, The Three small Pigs House. This house was featured ~ above HGTV Fixer top Season 3 episode 12. Once you book the house, girlfriend will obtain one free seat on a tourism (based upon accessibility at the moment of booking the tour).

Looking For things To Do

Looking for areas to shop? locations to eat? We additionally have a perform of various other recommended partners including tour and also lodging packages. We even have a companion that provides art and decor workshops motivated by HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

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Giving ago to the Community

Brazos tours is blessed to own and operate a organization in Waco and also committed to the community. Due to the fact that of this, a section of the monthly revenue is donated come Mission Waco that serves the poor and also marginalized in the area.