Over the years, Joanna Gaines and Chip Gaines have actually invited viewers into their residences on episodes of Fixer Upper. As well as watching the pair work their magic and renovate houses, pan have involved know them as the loving parents that their five kids: Drake, Ella, Duke, Emmie and also Crew.

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Joanna and also Chip started their household shortly after they tied the node in may 2003. The home renovation duo welcomed their eldest child, Drake, in 2005, followed by daughter Ella increased in 2006. Two years later, son fight it out arrived in 2008, and Emmie Kay made her arrival in 2010. Practically a te passed prior to Chip and Jo completed their brood once the Homebody writer gave bear to child Crew in 2018.


There’s no denying the Magnolia owner have dedicated a ton the time to your TV gigs and other organization endeavors, but there was never a shortage that love when it came to their functions as dad and also mom. “Being good parents is Chip and Joanna’s an initial priority,” one insider solely told Closer in April 2019.

“It’s about quality time together,” the source added. “They always eat meals together at the table and also their household nights encompass games favor cards and also checkers, then bedtime stories and prayers. Everyone states they have actually the perfect life.”


As far as education goes, Joanna absolutely knows just how to have fun v her kiddos. However, the insider dished she has rules, which include “homework first, then play,” “no computers after 6 p.m” and also especially “no cell phones or TV” at specific times that the day. “In the evening, the youngsters kick ago by reading each various other stories,” the source added.

During an figure on Today in July 2021, Joanna opened up around the factor the couple is so hesitant once it comes to giving their kids screen time. “They’re developing, they’re growing … and as they’re cultivation at 14, 15, 16, ns don’t desire to be part of that they become, you know?” she told hold Hoda Kotb.


In stimulate to help their kids construct a healthy relationship through social media and also technology, she and also Chip have actually a “house rule” the “all the phones walk in one spot” at any time their household is home. “So if you desire to inspect a text, if you desire to check an email, you walk to the spot, however it’s not on your bodies,” she explained. “We desire to teach our children that life happens outside of these devices.”

Scroll through the gallery below to learn all around Chip and also Joanna’s children!


Drake Gaines

Born in 2005, Drake is the earliest of the Gaines kids. Whether he’s hanging the end on the farm through his dad or spending high quality time with his younger brothers Crew, Drake loves being through his famed family.

Joanna even dished exactly how their eldest son likes come get connected in your TV gigs. “Drake loves the manufacturing side, therefore in the summer he’s up v the guys and they’re teaching him just how to edit,” she when told People.

The proud parents also revealed Drake obtained his driver’s permit in February 2020. “Drake waited in line for an hour and finally got dubbed up to obtain his driver’s permit,” Joanna captioned a picture of his son at the DMV. “And then my 15-year-old small boy drove home with Chip and every one of a suddenly he is every grown up.”

Ella rose Gaines

Joanna and also Chip’s 2nd child come along as soon as Ella come in 2006. The end of all of their five children, the loving mother revealed her eldest daughter is many “like” her. “I think she’ll monitor in my footsteps and also have her hand in a lot of things,” Joanna told People.

The cookbook writer said Ella mirrors an interest in a many other things too. “Right now she wants to cook, be a command designer and have a donut truck,” Jo added.

Not only does Ella reap her parents’ favourite hobbies, however she additionally appears come be experienced in photography. Chip once common a gorgeous snap of a sunrise with the caption, “Photo: by Ella,” via Instagram.

Duke Gaines

The couple’s third child was born when Joanna offered birth to battle each other in 2008. As the 2nd son, the youngster loves hanging out through his dad and brothers. When his larger siblings gain being ~ above TV, Joanna dished duke actually prefers to be behind the scenes.

While chatting with People, the coffee shop owner said fight it out loves to offer vegetables and also eggs with his tiny sister, Emmie. “We published labels because that them, and once a week they walk out and also sell,” she explained. “They’re just like Chip: lock don’t take it no for an answer!”

Emmie Kay Gaines

The youngest girl the the group, Emmie, was born in 2010. Although she still young, she hasn’t hesitated come step into her mom and dad’s shoes.

In fact, Joanna shared a rare video of the mother-daughter duo food preparation together in their kitchen. Ella proved she’s rather the talented chef together she joined her mom in do Spinach Tortellini Soup.

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The TV personality likewise dished Emmie loves to bake. “She was identified to make up her very own cookie recipe and also I left the kitchen therefore she could surprise me (and so ns wouldn’t micromanage her work-related in the kitchen),” Joanna as soon as wrote ~ above Instagram. “Let’s just say this was among my favorite cookie I’ve ever tasted!”

Crew Gaines

Little Crew is the youngest that the… well, crew. Born in June 2018, Crew has already become a fixture top top his parents’ social media accounts, as they make certain to show their pan plenty of image of him.

“He’s my small sidekick,” Joanna called People the her little bundle of joy. “He involves work v me every day and goes to all my meetings.”

The mother of five is so confident in her youngest child, she even joked, “I always tell Chip, ‘This young is walk to have the ability to run the company by period 5!"”