"I would say this is our new favorite room in the house. Everyone loves to it is in in here," Joanna says in a sneak emergence of the new episode of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home

"The remodeling is done. We finally made it," Joanna claims in the sneak peek above of Friday's brand-new episode of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, streaming top top Discovery+.

Joanna, 42, offers a glimpse the her freshly dark green kitchen cabinets prior to showing off the brand-new living room, which functions a brick fireplace and also vaulted ceilings, in a self-shot residence video. Panning approximately she reflects Chip, 46, hover on one of a pair that sofas and also three that their youngsters working ~ above a puzzle in the corner. (The pair share boy Drake, 16, Duke, 12, and Crew, 2, and also daughters Ella, 14, and Emmie, 10.)

"Here's the new old bookcase that we developed in," she proceeds showing a huge antique warehouse piece. "The laundry room is now over there. We've got our fire going. I would certainly say this is our brand-new favorite room in the house with the fire. Everyone loves to be in here."





Crew seems much less thrilled than the rest of the family with the addition. As soon as Joanna asks him "Do you prefer the new room, Crew?" the toddler provides a fussy answer that could be a "no" . . . Or maybe simply a inquiry for "Mom."


The Gaineses an initial revealed they'd be making a far-reaching addition come their well known farmhouse in the premiere of their brand-new series Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, the first four episodes of which have actually been dropping every Friday on the Discovery+ streaming company as a distinct preview that the couples' forthcoming Magnolia Network.

"When we first started Fixer our house was completely under construction, all of this to be a field," Joanna defined in the premiere, stand in the front garden of the 40-acre building that now holds a chicken coop, flower garden and one ever-growing number of farm animals and pets.

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"Just a little white farmhouse that essential a little TLC," Chip reminisced before including that now, "We're including on a tiny space since we've added an addition to the family. We supplied to have 4 kids. Currently we've obtained a toddler on our hip."

As through any significant renovation — specifically one ~ above the house of a household of 7 — things gained a small chaotic. Joanna provided an update on the reno in one more episode, jokingly relenten the scene of plastic-draped cabinets and construction materials as "an yes, really nightmare situation."

"A pair months back, Jojo want to 'add on' to the farmhouse — and also of course I, like an idiot, agreed, however now look what she's gained us into," Chip joked in a home video clip before turning the camera on his wife.

Joanna admitted the she "decided a little late in the video game I wanted to go ahead and also repaint our cabinets," mirroring off the brand-new forest-green the shade that changed the previous white shade in her fan-favorite kitchen.

"I just wanted the room to really evolve with the brand-new addition and I simply thought it was time for a change," she explained, walk on to tell viewers the they opened a wall surface and her household "basically live(s) maximum ground now" together the renovation continued. Chip helpfully panned about what was their living room, however had become an ext of a warehouse area for every the items the work has displaced.

Discovery Inc., Magnolia Network's parent company, announced in a push release Thursday the the start of the TV channel would be pushed to January 2022 after substantial Covid-19–related production delays ~ above its slate of new series. The network start was at first planned because that October 2020, then propelled to "early 2021."

"Our original setup was come launch in cable and also follow in a streaming environment, yet the most unconventional of year dealt united state challenges and opportunities we never might have foreseen," stated Magnolia Network chairman Allison Page.

Chip and also Joanna additionally shared a statement on the decision, noting, "Our setup has evolved along the way, yet our original vision for this network has remained the same."

In the interim, they're launching a Magnolia app on July 15, 2021 that will market the complete very first seasons of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home and Magnolia Table through Joanna Gaines, the complete Fixer Upper library and complete periods of numerous of its brand-new shows, including Growing Floret, The shed Kitchen, Homegrown, family Dinner and Restoration roadway with Clint Harp.

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The 3rd preview illustration of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home will certainly be accessible to currently Friday, February 12, top top Discovery+.

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