Magnolia Network is setting its summer TV schedule and we have your exclusive very first look at the lineup which consists of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines, and plenty of new titles.

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Beginning July 15, fans have the right to tune in come a big selection the premium unscripted content with more additions being made transparent the summer. Along with premiere dates, viewers can additionally look front to brand-new episodes arriving each Friday throughout each show’s run. Below, we’re round off up the full slate of premieres and brand-new episodes heading to Chip and Joanna Gaines‘ Magnolia Network and on discovery+.

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Thursday, July 15

Fixer Upper: Welcome Home (New Episode) Chip and Jo return with brand-new ideas for turning outdated houses into awe-inspiring life spaces.

Magnolia Table v Joanna Gaines (Season 3 Premiere) Joana welcomes viewers back to the kitchen with brand-new recipes and also the story behind them.

Family Dinner (Series Premiere) The new show held by Andrew Zimmern launches with four episodes together the chef access time families throughout the country to learn about their stories, culture, and also food.

Homegrown (Series Premiere) Atlanta-based farmer Jamila Norman helps households transform your backyards right into mini-farms of their own.


Family Dinner (Credit: Courtesy the Magnolia Network)

Restoration road with Clint Harp (Series Premiere) Carpenter Clint Harp go on a repair tour, helping deal with up older structures roughly the country.

First Time Fixer (Series Premiere) First-time renovators attempt to take it renovation efforts into their own hands in this brand-new series.

Home Work (Series Premiere) Candis and also Andy Meredith take it on their biggest renovation job of transforming a 20,000-square-foot historic school right into their family members home.

Van Go (Series Premiere) Chewy design Co. Owner Brett Lewis renovates vans into tiny homes.


Van go (Credit: Courtesy the Magnolia Network)

The Johnnyswim Show (Series Premiere) Husband-wife musicians Abner Ramirez and also Amanda Sudano Ramirez change to life through their children following a canceled tour because of COVID-19 in the an initial two illustration of this series.

The Fieldhouse (Series Premiere) Launching with two episodes, The Fieldhouse owner Justin Bane and staff readjust lives by restoring and also rehabilitating clients from the inside the end in Abilene, Texas.

Extraordinary stories Behind everyday Things (Series Premiere) Launching through two episodes, this collection shines a irradiate on the civilization responsible because that American-made products.

(re)motel (Series Premiere) monitor motel owners across America together they restore and redesign their properties in this present which debuts with 4 episodes.


The Cabin Chronicles (Credit: Courtesy that Magnolia Network)

Where We speak to Home (Series Premiere) present the first four illustration of this new series following homeowners and also designers that refashion commercial properties into homes.

The Cabin Chronicles (Series Premiere) Cabin designs space featured in this title launching with 4 episodes.

Super Dad (Complete Season Available) all eight illustration of this series follows DIY professional Taylor Calmus as he helps fellow dads style backyard getaways for their kids.

Inn The Works (Complete Season Available) lindsay Kurowski and her team in ~ Knotty Pine occupational on renovating the historic Oak Knoll Lodge in big Bear Lake, California in this collection which launches with all 6 episodes.


The Artisan’s Kitchen (Credit: Courtesy of Magnolia Network)

The Artisan’s Kitchen (Complete Season Available) Baker and flour government Bryan Ford gift remixed recipes for old classics infused with motivation from his Honduran roots and brand-new Orleans upbringing throughout 10 episodes.

Growing Floret (Complete Season Available) Erin and Chris Benzakein look at to broaden their Washington State Floret Farms throughout four episodes.

Fixer Upper (Complete 5 Season Library) Relive all 80 illustration of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ original collection as they help fix homes for clients across Waco, Texas.

Only easily accessible on the Magnolia app:

The French Chef (45 Episodes) join Julia child in the kitchen together she teaches viewers just how to prepare well French cook in this TV classic.

Monty Don’s Gardens (14 Episodes) Monty Don travel to the U.S., Japan, Italy, France, and also the Middle eastern to check out iconic gardens.

World’s Most mystery Homes (8 Episodes) This collection takes a look in ~ the far luxury dwellings hidden far on islands, in the woods, and on mountains.

Friday, July 23

Mind for Design (Series Premiere) inner designer Brian Patrick Flynn helps develop breathtaking spaces ~ above a budget.

Friday, July 30

Zoë Bakes (Series Premiere) Zoë François breaks under the secrets of pastry chefs and home bakers come teach viewers how to develop delicious desserts in their very own kitchens. Dip your toes right into the brand-new show with 3 episodes.

Friday, respectable 6

For the Love the Kitchens (Series Premiere) Launching v two episodes, this series follows deVOL kitchen designers Paul O’Leary, Helen Parker, and Robin McLellan.

Ranch come Table (Series Premiere) This collection follows seventh-generation livestock rancher and entrepreneur Elizabeth Poett together she runs she family’s ranch while also crafting delectable dishes.

Friday, respectable 13

Point of View: A Designer Profile (Series Premiere)

Learn much more about the creative process that goes ~ above behind the scene for several interior developers in this anthology series.

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Friday, respectable 27

Self Employed (Series Premiere)

Launching with three episodes, businessman Jonathan Morris travels throughout the nation to re-superstructure inspirational stories of tiny business owners.

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