Chip and Joanna Gaines are not having actually a 6th baby. At least not now, together a tabloid is claiming. Gossip Cop has actually investigated the report and we can debunk it. A new cover story in Life & style is alleging the the Fixer upper stars room expecting their sixth child. According to the not correct report, <…>



Chip and Joanna Gaines room not having a sixth baby. At least not now, together a tabloid is claiming. Gossip Cop has investigated the report and we deserve to debunk it.

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A brand-new cover story in Life & Style is alleging that the Fixer Upper stars are expecting their 6th child. According to the not correct report, the pair found the end on Christmas castle were having a baby. The tabloid price quotes a so-called “source” together saying, “Everyone’s talking about how they’re having a small girl. Rumor has actually it they uncovered on Christmas!” The resource adds, “Joanna and Chip space excited around growing your family.”

The tabloid add to a monster tidbit in an attempt to sound credible. A source claims there will certainly be two sex reveals, “one just for the family and one because that the fans, too.” that sounds choose something the pair would do and also the outlet is jumping on price quotes recently make by the couple. Chip, in particular, has actually been open up to the possibility of having one more baby. In an interview ~ above Sunday Today, the couple discussed it and also while Chip was really enthusiastic, Joanna tempered expectations, speak she wasn’t so sure. The unnamed and also anonymous source goes on to say, “Chip has been really vocal about wanting a tiny sister because that Crew and it looks like his wish is coming true.”

It’s perfectly reasonable to think that the couple may indeed include to your happy family members in the future, yet they are definitely not expecting a 6th child now. Rather of relying ~ above an anonymous source, as the tabloid did, Gossip Cop checked through the Gaines’ official spokesperson, who told united state in no unsure terms the the case isn’t true. The couple’s rep, who likewise denied the story as soon as asked through the tabloid, responded to us, “There is literally zero fact to this rumor. Completely false.” naught ambiguous around that statement.

The pair has been making a most news lately, with the much-anticipated launch of their Magnolia Network set to role out this fall. That also method the tabloids have increased the quantity of bogus report on the two. This isn’t the very first time Gossip Cop has had to correct a tabloid story about the king and queen of house makeovers having one more baby. In October, Life & Style’s sister paper, In Touch, also published a phony report about Joanna gift pregnant through a sixth. The story additionally relied on an unidentified source, that also clearly had no genuine inside information about the spouses. Gossip Cop busted that story as well.

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Life & Style has likewise been known to consist of stories about celebrity couples having babies once they aren’t. In May, the tabloid purported top top its cover the Eva Mendes and also Ryan Gosling were expecting twins. Gossip Cop debunked the story in ~ the time, and practically eight months later, it’s for sure to speak the tabloid likely designed the story out of slim air. The outlet’s latest baby report is simply as false.