Happy new Year, Hallmark friends!!! ns am fresh back from my vacation vacay and also am ready to publish my very first location article of 2018! since I to be a film location junkie, indigenous time to time I will certainly share non-Hallmark locations, i m sorry will autumn under the “I’ve step It top top TV” category.

While away, I spent some time in the state that Texas and decided to begin the year off sharing my an extremely own Fixer + top tour. Now, uneven you’ve been in hiding, ns am certain you are acquainted with Chip & Jo. Real Estate renovators? publication authors? HGTV stars? vacation rental owners? Retailers? newspaper publishers? Soon-to-be restaurateurs? Magnolia, anyone? If you’re tho lost, I entirely get it. Until a year and also a half ago, I had never heard of lock either. Because that real. In 2016, I also went come their well known Silo’s, having actually no clue who these world were. I know, crazy, right? but true.

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Fixer + top Season One: Chip & Joanna; source – Google

Chip & Joanna Gaines space the husband and wife team that consist of the popular HGTV show, Fixer + Upper. Lock live in Waco, Texas and have skyrocketed to fame hosting your hit TV show, now in its fifth and last season. They have actually not only changed the vibe the Waco, but have in reality made the a location hot spot. Pretty remarkable considering Waco’s ahead notoriety. And did you capture their big announcement this week??? Joanna is pregnant through their 5th child!!! Congrats Gaines family!


After my first trip come the Silo’s, house to Chip & Jo’s retail keep Magnolia Market, I came to be intrigued. I binge-watched every 3 periods of Fixer + Upper and was ready when season 4 kicked off. I review their freshly released book, The Magnolia Story, and subscribed to their magazine, The Magnolia Journal. Ns looked forward to return to Waco one day and also taking component in my an extremely own Fixer + Upper places tour. And also I dreamed (a lot!) the savoring one more Prize Pig Biscuit from your bakery. Fast forward a year.

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The prize Pig Biscuit; source – Yelp

We have a daughter life in Austin, Texas, about a 1 ½ hour journey from Waco. After ours Christmas cruise, we spent numerous days in Austin and planned a work visit come Waco. Prior to our trip, i did some study online and put together a sampling of places I wanted to see. Being the it was the week after Christmas, it was very busy, even on a weekday. The retail shop was so jam packed, you couldn’t walk approximately to look in ~ the merchandise. Although there to be no line to gain in (which I would certainly have desired so I can have a look around), the checkout line to be over an hour long. Mine husband’s hot coffee to be spilled almost everywhere the floor (and his hand) as soon as someone tried to maneuver around the solid group of people. And after a year of dreaming, and waiting 45 minutes in line at the bakery, they no have any type of Prize Pig biscuits because that sale.