After Chip and also Joanna Gaines functioned their magic ~ above outdated dwellings in Waco, Texas, it appeared everyone was talking about moving come the charming southern city.

That dream ended up being even an ext of a reality once the residences featured top top Fixer upper started walk up for sale. Ns mean, who wouldn’t want to live in producer Michael Matsumoto’s shack-turned-chic abode or the “scary come sensational” residential or commercial property from season 1? Apparently, not as plenty of as we think.

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Realtor Kristin Clements, who’s heading up the sale because that the Chip and Jo-designed “Asian Ranch,” spoke v Insider recently around some that the difficulties she deals with when offering these properties. Not as a an outcome of that design, obviously, but since of the high price tag. The previously mentioned remodel, for example, is noted at $679K as soon as the median in Waco is reportedly closer to $200K.

“I know big cities perform that, but Waco’s no there yet,” she told the outlet.


You may assume that the Fixer Upper combination sells itself—and it definitely leads to much more visibility, as Kristin states the season 2 residence garnered 18,000 virtual views versus her usual 100. Yet that doesn’t have to equate to physics showings.

“In this case, it’s type of to be different due to the fact that people space looking in ~ it just due to the fact that it has actually a Fixer Upper surname on it,” she said. “Not due to the fact that they can actually afford it.”

Most interested parties likely don’t even live in the area, and are just popping by while in town. Despite eventually, she hopes to entice these out-of-state buyers who will most likely think the price is a good value. “But that has not happened yet,” she said.

Still, Kristin knows Chip and also Joanna’s impressive work has actually plenty of potential.

“I just think it’s going to take the ideal buyer who desires to it is in in Waco and also who have the right to afford a higher price point," she said.

The "Fixer Upper" Fan"s overview to Waco

Magnolia Market



Magnolia Table Restaurant



Harp architecture Co.



JDH steel Designs


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