Ahead the the way of life channel"s digital debut July 15, "Fixer Upper" superfans can shop these books, decor and also more.

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Magnolia superfans have had no trouble maintaining up through the Gaineses due to the fact that the Fixer Upper stars stepped far from your HGTV series in 2017. Residence renovators-turned-media moguls Chip and also Joanna Gaines expanded their empire in 2015 with the debut the Magnolia Market, a five-acre retail facility that reinvented the previous Brazos Valley noodle Oil firm property right into a buzzing destination for locals and also tourists in their hometown the Waco.

In addition to that is own lifestyle label, the Magnolia brand additionally has residence furnishings and also decor collection at retailers including Living Spaces, whereby Magnolia house arrived in 2016; and also Target, which debuted Hearth & Hand by Magnolia in 2017.

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The pair announced their forthcoming Magnolia Network in 2019. The lifestyle channel will certainly make that digital debut July 15 once its app launches top top Discovery+, whereby fans can stream the finish Fixer Upper library, Magnolia Table v Joanna Gaines, Restoration roadway with Clint Harp,Fixer Upper: Welcome Home,The shed Kitchen and other initial docuseries and also DIY content. Magnolia Network will take over Discovery’s DIY network as soon as it come on cable January 2022.

How to clock Magnolia Network

A subscription plan is required to present Magnolia Network online on Discovery+, which starts in ~ $5 every month and also includes access to A&E, pet Planet, i would Food Network, HGTV, History, Lifetime, OWN, TLC and other channels and also exclusive BBC nature docuseries. If you’re a Verizon customer, you have the right to enjoy 12 free months the the streaming business with select Unlimited Wireless to plan or FiOS house Internet or 5G Home.

The best Magnolia Merch to Shop Online

Whether you’re a Chip and also Jo devotee, friend can’t visit their central Texas sector in human or you want to provide your abode a rustic contemporary makeover à la Magnolia this summer, we’ve rounded up several of the best merch to shop because that fans that the Gaines family and also their stylish brands.

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1. Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Cement Mini Citronella Candles

Summer generally also way a buzzing pest situation, and citronella candles can aid keep few of the bugs away. We favor that these mini candles in cement vessels bring a chic (and perhaps mosquito-free) element to any indoor or outdoor space.