In 2013, a small show dubbed "Fixer Upper" aired on HGTV — and the world was presented to not just quality shiplap, but also Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines. Due to the fact that that time, the Gaines" have actually gone ~ above to worldwide stardom, with not simply a popular merch line for Target and multiple businesses in their hometown that Waco, TX, but likewise their own channel because that discovery+. But all that success deserve to come at a price, and also this is the genuine reason "Fixer Upper" landing Chip in some legal warm water.

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Fast forward to 2017, and Chip found himself in the middle of a lawsuit. Together it turns out, his two former organization partners, john L. Lewis and also Richard L. Clark, sue him to the tune of $1 million in damages, (via country Living). Why? Well, the plaintiffs insurance claim that Chip to buy them the end of their stake in the Magnolia Realty agency (which was Chip and Joanna"s original business) without informing them about their upcoming show on HGTV, "Fixer Upper."

Their id is the Chip knew that the show would propel them into stardom, and also that the brand would become bigger than ever. He apparently bought every of them the end for $2,500 per share — 2 days before announcing "Fixer Upper" was going to air together an HGTV special, (via Ask).

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The sue alleges, per Waco Tribune, "In summary, in ~ a time once only the defendants knew the "Fixer Upper" had been fast-tracked because that a one-hour premiere ~ above HGTV and was on the verge of radically an altering their lives and also business enterprises, Chip Gaines conspired to eliminate his service partners — nevertheless their ancient friendship — in order come ensure that he alone would certainly profit native Magnolia Realty"s association v "Fixer Upper.""

Chip Gaines took to social media come speak his side, tweeting, "Fyi: Ive had the exact same cell # 15 yrs.. Very same email because that 20 yrs. No one dubbed or emailed? 4 years later on "friends" reach out via lawsuit.. Humm."

In February 2020, judge Jim Meyer dismissed the sue filed by Lewis and Clark, (via Waco Tribune). Among other things, the sue accused Gaines the breach of fiduciary duty, fraud by nondisclosure and also statutory fraud, and also conspiracy liability. Gaines countersued versus the previous real estate company partners; that case is tho pending.

"We room glad to have actually the possibility to put the facts prior to the court and, obviously, referee Meyer saw through the situation that was presented against Mr. Gaines," Gaines" lawyer, Todd Patterson stated in a statement, (via Waco Tribune). "We are glad we finally got this resolved. Ns think indigenous the an extremely beginning, it to be our position that Mr.

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Gaines did nothing wrong. We declared that all along."