Where Is Joanna Gaines’ Store?

Have you heard that Joanna Gaines’ store? ever before wondered whereby it is and also if it’s precious a visit?

We’ve obtained the answers because that you, so keep reading to learn an ext about Joanna Gaines and also her one-of-a-kind Texas store.

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Let’s explore!

Who is Joanna Gaines?

Joanna Gaines is a designer, brand-new York time bestseller, mommy of five, and co-owner of the Magnolia brand in Waco, Texas. She’s well known for popularizing “farmhouse-chic” on HGTV’s “Fixer Upper.”

How go Joanna Gaines gain Started?

Born in Kansas the Korean, Lebanese, and German descent, Joanna Gaines was the target the bullies since of she ethnicity. If attending Baylor University, she worked as an intern for Dan rather on “48 hours” in new York.

It to be there that she saw civilization of varying ethnic backgrounds for the an initial time. This experience helped her appreciate and also love she Koren heritage. It motivated her to discover ways to develop beauty for others.

In 2003, Joanna married Chip Gaines, and also the 2 renovated their an initial house with each other that same year. The renovation to be a mess, however they learned around home renovation, budgeting, and also design. That same year, they opened up up Magnolia Market, their very first retail store.

With Chip’s lift in construction and Joanna’s affinity because that design, the pair expanded your businesses (retail store and renovations). Ripe years later, in 2013, “Fixer Upper” aired top top HGTV. Then, in 2015, they transformed derelict noodle silos in Waco into an expanded Magnolia sector (Magnolia industry at the Silos.)

Are Chip and also Joanna Gaines quiet Married?

On may 31, 2003, in ~ the Earle Harrison home in Waco, Texas, Chip and also Joanna Gaines tied the knot. In 2017, divorce rumors about the pair began circulating.

However, the stories were false, and also today, the pair is still together and also committed to each other and their businesses. The Gaineses have proclaimed that, although their relationship has ups and downs favor everyone else’s, they’ve never taken into consideration divorce.

Where Is Joanna Gaines’ Store?

Magnolia industry at the Silos, or Magnolia Market, is situated at 601 Webster Ave, Waco, Texas 76706. The has come to be a traveler attraction, with tens of thousands of visitors preventing by each week. Visitors have the right to stop by for a few hours, spend the entire day, or enjoy prolonged visit over number of days.

Shopping in ~ Magnolia industry goes beyond home goods. It includes the Shops at the Silo, boutiques specializing in women’s, men’s, and also kids’ and babies’ clothing and also provisions. Magnolia additionally has shops because that bags and also accessories, bath and body products, and even publication and file collections.

Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market also offers plenty of food and also drink. Do you have actually a sweet tooth? pick up a freshly small red velvet or lemon lavender cupcake native the Silos Baking Company. Feeling a small sluggish? gain a caffeine pick-up indigenous the Magnolia press Coffee Company.

And if you’re hungry, take a bite indigenous the neighborhood food trucks. You’ll find an giving pizzas for every dietary needs, Texas BBQ, and unique sandwiches.

And that doesn’t avoid there!! pat Wiffle sphere at Katy Ballpark (yes, in the Magnolia Marketplace!) Or discover the greenhouse, play area, and also garden the the Magnolia particle + Supply. Require a break? take it a minute to rest and also reflect in ~ The Old Church.

Other points To Do near Joanna Gaines’ Store

There’s even more to carry out close come the Magnolia Market, consisting of Cameron Park and the historic Suspension Bridge and also Riverwalk.

Cameron Park

Less 보다 5 minutes far from the Magnolia Market, Cameron Park is one the biggest municipal parks in Texas. The park supplies 400 acre of out recreation for fishing enthusiasts, disc golfers, picnickers, and hikers. You’ll discover it in downtown Waco follow me the Brazos River.

Hikers have plenty of options along 20 miles of trails in ~ Cameron Park. Some paths cut through bluffs overlooking the river (like the flow trail), and others gently meandering with the park. Every are significant as beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert, so pick your path according to her hiking ability.

If you’re searching for a unique challenge, discover Jacob’s Ladder and Rock shelter with that is 100-step shady climb. Like something a little an ext relaxing? Visit miss out on Nellie’s pretty Place, a fractional plaza v strolling areas and also views of bluebonnets in the spring and also black-eyed Susans in the summer.

Historic Suspension Bridge and also Riverwalk

The historical Suspension Bridge, perfect in 1870, and the Riverwalk are iconic Waco landmarks. You’ll discover them ~ above the Brazos River around four minute from the Magnolia Silos.

The Waco Riverwalk has seven miles of multi-use paved trails such together Downtown Trail, Parks Trail, and Baylor Trail.) much of these are along the banks of the Brazos River. It operation from Baylor college to Cameron Park.

At the Riverwalk, prevent at Indian Springs Park to see the “Branding the Brazos” Sculptures. Want to invest time top top the water? rental a paddleboard to go under the Brazos River, or take a relaxing guided river cruise tour.

Know before You Go: The leg is at this time closed while undergoing renovations however reopens at some time in 2022. Examine the rehabilitation website before making plans.

Where come Stay near Joanna Gaines’ Store

After a complete day touring Magnolia industry and absorbing the City that Waco, resolve down because that the evening west that downtown in ~ Camp Caravan Waco, 18 minute away, or Midway Park Campground, 13 minute away.

Camp Caravan Waco

Opened in January 2021, Camp Caravan Waco has actually 44 level complete hookup campsites on gravel and also separated by native trees. The campground has actually laundry facilities, a dog park and also is privately owned by former full-time RVers, Tin have the right to Plan.

Location:11900 Chapel Rd, Lorena, TX 76655

Midway Park Campground

Located top top Waco Lake, Midway Park Campground has 37 campsites, 32 through water and also electricity and 11 with full hookups. Every sites are paved, have picnic tables, campfire rings, and grills.

Location: 2332 West Highway 6, Waco, TX 76708

Is a pilgrimage to Joanna Gaines’ store Worth It?

Yes! obtain it planned the end now and also head on over to this pretty, laid back, and one-of-a-kind purchase complex-green room that is Magnolia Market. It’s located in the love of Waco, just minutes native Cameron park and also the historical Suspension Bridge and also Riverwalk. There’s plenty come do, buy, eat, drink, and also enjoy.

Have you checked out Joanna Gaines’ stores at Magnolia? phone call us about your experience!

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